Review: Banila Co. Two Eyes Shadow in 37 Safari

Banila Co. is a company that I feel doesn’t get a lot of mention in the beauty community. I think they have some really nice products but they lean more towards the expensive side. I only picked up two items when I was inside just because it was a little expensive for my budget and I already bought a lot of beauty products from other stores. One of the items is the eyeshadow duo that I will be reviewing in this post! =)

Just like VDL, the packaging of this eyeshadow is similar to MAC. It comes in a standard see-through black container. It’s quite sturdy and convenient for travelling or keeping in your make-up bag! Safari is a warm-toned duo with a very yellow gold and a warm brown shade that has a hint of a bronze undertone.


The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is not absolutely horrible but they are quite sheer and require quite a few layers for it to show up true to colour especially on the eyes. They have a shimmery texture like all mineral eyeshadows and are quite soft to the touch (for being a mineralised eyeshadow)!


On the eyes, the gold is more pigmented than the brown and it takes a lot of effort to build up the brown in the crease. I think that the look overall is quite nice but it’s just inconvenient to have to continually layer on the eyeshadow for it to show up nicely.


These eyeshadows are not long wearing. As you can see in the smudge test, I only lightly brushed my fingers across the swatches and both of the colours merged together. If anything, it is barely even visible anymore, there’s only a sheen of glitter! =( An eyeshadow primer would be necessary to make these eyeshadows have greater colour payoff and last longer on the eyes!


Overall, I would skip on these eyeshadows and would recommend you pick up something else! =)


♡ Buildable pigmentation

♡ Compact and convenient for travelling and keeping in a makeup pouch


♡ Does not last long

♡ Requires multiple layers for decent colour payoff



27 thoughts on “Review: Banila Co. Two Eyes Shadow in 37 Safari

  1. myladiez says:

    Banila is on the expensive side, that is why I never tried their products. A korean makeup artist told me that Aritaum Shine Fix eyeshadows are great and have good pigmentation. Might be worth a look!

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