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44 thoughts on “Contact

  1. alyssaaaxx says:

    Hi Jen 🙂

    I probably sound so stupid (I still barely know how to use wordpress hahaha) but I was wondering, how do you create the menus with the drop down categories? And how to you add blog posts to them? I really wanna add some blog pages like that to my blog but I’m not sure how to

    Thanks xx


  2. Nivea Navjot Kaur says:

    Hello, 🙂 How have you been…. hope you are doing great…
    I need a little help.
    My family is in Australia these days and I want them to bring me some cosmetics from there but I don’t know which brands are good there… can you please tell me which makeup kits can they bring for me and also some perfumed creams or body lotions.



    • Dorkchops says:

      Hi! I have been great, nearing the end of my exams so I’m very excited! 😀 Actually I don’t use anything that’s only available in Australia! And also the makeup here in general is very very overpriced! 😦 Unless makeup at your home is more expensive, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing anything to be honest with you!


  3. theveganparalegal says:

    So glad you liked the post about Naturally Simple makeup. I hope you come by often. I looked around your blog and I am enjoying it. Nice reviews.

    Naturally Simple Box

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