April Fashion Wishlist ✮


I can’t believe it’s April already! This year has gone by so fast. I’ve been slacking off on the fashion related posts so I wanted to put together another wishlist! I love looking through websites and seeing clothes that I would love to own. I honestly get enough satisfaction doing this that I don’t always feel like I need to purchase the items! =P Are you guys like that too?

① P i n k  F l o r a l  D r e s s


I know it’s autumn here in Australia but I just can’t get over this dress! It is totally me in dress form. I’m in love with it! I love the side cut-outs and the poofy floral skirt. It’s also my favourite shade of pink!

 P e n c i l  S k i r t s


I only own one classic black pencil skirt but I need to expand my collection because I’m now doing a double degree with commerce, meaning that I will be needing more business clothes! I want a few other colours so I can mix and match. Navy is definitely at the top of my list because I have read that it is one of the most appropriate colours to wear – it gives off a greater impression than black does in a work environment! The photos above are all from YesStyle, it’s a great website for those of you who are into Asian fashion!

③ T r e n c h  C o a t


Trench coats are such classic fashion pieces and I think they add so much classiness to an outfit! I love both of the colours above, the beige is a classic and the bluish grey is so beautiful and different!

④ N i k e  F l y k n i t  L u n a r  3


These are the new running shoes released by Nike and they are so gorgeous! I have been wearing the Frees 5.0 since I started running and they are great for a barefoot-like run but the Flyknit Lunars provide a little more support. They also just look absolutely stunning! =) I love the multi-coloured soles!

I don’t have a really big wishlist this month but I wanted to share it with you all anyway! =) What sort of fashion pieces are you guys looking for this month? I’d love to know!

March Luxury Fashion Wishlist ✮


I’m awaiting the day when I’ll finally be able to purchase high end fashion pieces without feeling so guilty about it but for now I’m going to appreciate them through shop windows and browsing online. =P I’m definitely not someone who absolutely loves and needs designer products (I like to purchase cheaper items that are just as cute), I just think they look nice, are high quality and are great rewarding gifts for yourself and of course other people too!

① G i v e n c h y  A n t i g o n a  M e d i u m  P a t e n t  L e a t h e r  T o t e
( C h e r r y )


The style of the Givenchy bag is my absolute favourite, I’m really into over the shoulder bags with longer straps that are decently sized to fit more than just your phone, wallet and keys. I absolutely adore the deep red colour! I think out of all dark colours, deep red is my favourite! It’s a colour that matches quite easily into my current wardrobe and I think it’s perfect for the autumn and winter.

② V a l e n t i n o  R o c k s t u d  P a t e n t  S a n d a l 


This is such a classic designer shoe in my opinion but I absolutely love it. I think they look really glam, especially with the studs. I also don’t own any pointed nude heels!

③ E l i e  S a a b  G o w n s


Elie Saab is my favourite designer when it comes to gowns. The detail in his dresses are so incredible and every piece is seriously breathtakingly gorgeous. I have no idea when I’ll be in a situation that requires me to wear one of his gowns but I would still be so honoured to own one! Perhaps on my wedding day hehe.

④ C a r t i e r  L e v e  B r a c e l e t


I love gold jewellery and I think this bracelet is such a beautiful piece. It would be perfect to wear everyday. It can be worn by itself for a subtle statement or layered for arm candy! Love it, I think it’s a timeless bracelet in my opinion! ♡

My list definitely isn’t extensive but I would be so honoured to be able to own even just one of these items! Hehe I can dream for now. =P Are there any luxury splurge-worthy items that you have been eyeing lately? Let me know! =)

Autumn Outfits Inspiration ♔


So while I’m working around my home figuring out the best places to take some OOTD pictures, I thought I would do a post showing outfits that I would totally wear on a casual, comfy day out where I want to be warm and comfortable. It’s a representation of the pieces from my autumn fashion essentials post being put together in complete outfits! In Australia, the weather is incredibly bipolar. At times it can get really hot in the middle of autumn and at other times, it’s chillier and windy! Therefore, I’ll be including outfits that are part of the seasonal transition where it is not too cold to be wearing extremely warm clothes but it is also not too hot where sleeveless tops will suffice. =)

I’ll be going through each of the outfit ideas from when it’s slightly warm to when it’s cold and you will be needing to wear more! Let me know which outfits are your favourite in the comments and also whether our styles are similar or not! 










That’s all the outfits I have to show! I have to give credit to Tumblr for providing me with these images. If you aren’t following me already, please click here if you want to! I’m often on there reblogging pictures. While I’m working on finding the perfect setup for future OOTD posts, I will do more posts like this and I hope you enjoy them! ♡

Autumn Fashion Essentials ♔


March is the beginning of Autumn/Fall in Australia so I wanted to do a post on some essential items that I think will help transition into the new season! =) This is my first official fashion post! As university has started, I plan to do some occasional OOTDs and I hope you all look forward to them. Just a quick note, I don’t always stick to traditional autumnal colours and I just wear whatever will keep me warm and comfortable for this season!

S w e a t e r s


I am someone who turns to sweaters to keep warm but for convenience too. They are easy to throw on and if it gets a little warm you can just roll your sleeves up! There are also so many different materials to choose from so some don’t require layering at all. If one is a little on the thin side, I like to layer a long sleeved shirt underneath. A particular style that I am completely obsessed with right now is wearing a collared blouse underneath. I find thick sweaters really comfortable and are perfect for those lazy days where you don’t have the time or just aren’t bothered to dress up!

L o n g  S l e e v e d  T o p s


Right during the transition, the weather is still generally warm but may be windy at the same time so a standard long sleeved top will be perfect to wear on its own. A plain one may seem a bit boring to wear alone so I like to play around with layers and patterns. I really enjoy collars on my shirts, I find them to be so adorable but elegant and chic at the same time! =)

O u t e r w e a r


If I’m not wearing a sweater then I’ll be wearing a thinner plain long sleeved top with a thicker knit cardigan or jacket. In my opinion, like a statement fashion jewellery piece, a nicely fitted jacket can pull an entire look together and make it look more fancy. There are such a wide range of styles and materials to choose from. I personally enjoy oversized knit cardigans, they look so effortless but are so comfortable to wear! I think they’re perfect for casual occasions.

P a n t s


More often than not, I’m wearing skinny jeans or leggings. You can never go wrong with either during the colder months! They match absolutely everything. Because my tops are usually quite feminine, I like to keep my denim a bit more edgier with some distress and tears in them. I also find that darker washes look the best during this time of year.

S h o e s


For me, a classic black ankle boot is a must! I wear them religiously during the colder months because I know they are comfortable but will keep my feet dry in case it starts to rain! They also match and look great with absolutely anything. I wear them 99% of the time during the autumn and winter. When it comes to metals, I always prefer gold because I think it looks more chic with black leather!

S c a r v e s


Scarves are a great way to accessorise on chilly days while also providing sufficient warmth! I think they can be a way to add a pop of colour to an outfit if everything else is kept simple. Having a small variety of scarves to rotate around is a must in my opinion! =) My absolute favourites are chunky infinity scarves, I don’t personally gravitate towards scarves that are on the thin side.

I know that a lot of you guys are from the Northern hemisphere and are going into spring but I still hope you enjoyed my first official fashion post! ♡ Let me know what your essentials are and if you think I’m missing any important pieces hehe.