April Beauty Favourites ♡


It’s already May! This is so insane. April was a busy month for me with university so I wasn’t able to upload daily like I used to but I really appreciate all of your understanding and support! =) I definitely needed as much luck as I could from you guys! It will be less intense now that mid semester exams are over and most of my assignments are finished so I’m extremely happy that I will be able to blog a lot more until finals roll around in June!

T o o  F a c e d  B u l l e t p r o o f  2 4  H o u r  S h a d o w  L i n e r  ( M i n k )


I was extremely excited to use this when I first purchased it but it got hidden underneath my other makeup and I completely forgot about it! I managed to find it again and I’m so happy I did because I have been using it so often. =) It’s a gorgeous shimmery golden brown and I like to use it everyday on its own because it’s quick and easy to apply. It also has great lasting power, although by the end of the day there is some slight creasing because of my oily eyelids. I have since replaced my Maybelline tattoo cream eyeshadow with this for a change and I’ve been loving it a lot! I don’t use the smudger side of the stick because I find it to be not forgiving at all and is extremely tough so I just use my fingers to blend around the edges.

Y S L  R o u g e  V o l u p t e  L i p s t i c k s


If you saw my haul, you would’ve seen these lipsticks! Ever since I got them, I have been using them constantly. They are just all round amazing lipsticks from the packaging to the pigmentation and the range of colours available. Although they are definitely very expensive, they are a great investment if you’re looking to splurge on a high end lipstick!

A n a s t a s i a  B e v e r l y  H i l l s  B r o w  P o w d e r  D u o


I recently decided to lighten my brows again with bleach so that they would look less harsh but because it can sometimes look non-existent or yellow under certain lighting, I have been filling them in a lot more. I use the duo in the shade ‘Medium Brown’ and I like to use both shades on an angled brush to add both some colour and definition back into my brows. I first use the lighter shade to fill in any gaps and lightly define my entire brow first before I use the darker shade on the outer half. The end result is always very natural looking and lasts all day!

S h e e t  M a s k s


I have to be honest and say that I had been slacking off on doing weekly facial masks but after receiving April’s Mask Maven bag (Review), it reminded me to get back onto using them again! Sheet masks in general are amazing because they are so convenient to put on whenever you have spare time throughout the day and there are just so many to try out. My skin always looks more cleaner, brighter and feels more smooth after using sheet masks.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products before and if you’ve had a great experience with them or not! =) I hope you all have a great month! ♡

March Beauty Favourites ♡


I can’t believe a quarter of the year has passed already. Where has the time gone? =( But anyway, I’m back with another monthly favourites post! I have some amazing products to show you guys this month and I’m excited to post about them all! I don’t have that many to share because I have been mainly using the products I’ve shown in the past two months but I still wanted to post this because I want to be consistent with my monthly favourites! ♡

⟣ N Y X  B u t t e r  G l o s s


I discovered NYX last month and I have been so pleased with absolutely everything I picked up! But the Butter Glosses have definitely been a product I have reached towards quite frequently on a daily basis. My favourite shade that I picked up this month was ‘Sugar Cookie’, which is a beautiful purple toned gloss. ‘Angel Food Cake’ is also one that I have fallen in love with. I feel that deeper nudes are more flattering on me and it is perfect when I’m going for that look!

N A R S  V i r t u a l  D o m i n a t i o n  P a l e t t e 


I promised I would be doing an overview on this palette and it will be up soon! I really like this palette because it contains a variety of blushes and the ever so popular Laguna bronzer! The only complaint I have is the highlighter because it is literally just glitter particles. However, I think it is pretty to top off any eyeshadow look because it adds that extra beautiful shimmer. =)

⟣ O P I  N a i l  P o l i s h  ( P r i v a c y  P l e a s e )


This is my go to nail polish if I want to slap something on quickly to make my hands look more neat and presentable. It does not take long to dry at all and it’s the perfect shade to add a little something onto your nails without being too much at all! (Please excuse the nail growth =P).

P h y s i c i a n ‘ s  F o r m u l a  P u r p l e  E y e l i n e r 


This is probably the only coloured eyeliner I use because it isn’t too out there and it adds enough colour to make your makeup look pop a little bit more! It’s a deep eggplant colour that I think really enhances my eye colour! The pencil itself is actually quite creamy but I don’t have issues with it smudging too much. I love that it is retractable because it means no sharpening yay! =) Unfortunately, I don’t think they get sold individually so you do have to purchase them in a trio set. This particular shade is from the eyeliner trio for brown eyes, which also comes with a black (with purple glitter) and a dark brown (which I completely used up)!

I hope you enjoyed my favourites for this month. It is a week late but better late than never right? I’ve made more purchases this month so hopefully I will have a lot of new products to share in next month’s favourites! Have a lovely day everyone and I hope you had an amazing Easter! ♡

February Beauty Favourites ♡


Wow, this year has totally flown by. I feel like I just did my January favourites yesterday! Time seems to keep flying by faster and faster every year. I want to keep up the tradition of doing monthly favourites so this is the instalment for this month! =) I’ve definitely been loving a lot of the products I’ve reviewed this past month so there will be repeats in this post. I really do love the products though so that’s why they’re getting featured again. =P (For now lets just assume that the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream is my favourite for life so I won’t be adding it into all my monthly favourites because that would get extremely repetitive and boring LOL).

⟣ M a y b e l l i n e  C o l o u r  T a t t o o  ( B a d  T o  T h e  B r o n z e )


‘Bad to the Bronze’ has been my go to cream eyeshadow for days where I want to do a minimal natural makeup look. It’s quickly become one of my all time favourite eyeshadow shades because it is so beautiful but adds enough definition to the eyes without being too much at all. It also lasts all day on me with no creasing!

L ‘ O r e a l  P a r i s  B r o w  A r t i s t  P l u m p e r 


I will be posting a full review on this soon but for now I just have to say that this eyebrow mascara has been so convenient to use everyday! It has fibres within its formula so it is perfect for adding fullness to the brows while also setting the brow hairs in place all day and tinting them. I have it in the shade Dark Brunette, whichI was worried would be too dark but it isn’t at all. =)

⟣ N a t u r e  R e p u b l i c  9 2 %  A l o e  V e r a  S o o t h i n g  G e l


Out of all the products I listed out in my skincare routine post, this has got to be my absolute favourite and the one I recommend most. It absorbs so easily into the skin but it is so effective and I love that it is lightweight because I have oily/combination skin and I don’t want anything too overly creamy on my face! If you want more depth into my experience with this product, check out my review here.

S a l l y  H a n s e n  M i r a c l e  G e l  P o l i s h  ( G r e y f i t t i ) 


I’m normally someone who gravitates towards neutrals and pinks when it comes to nail polishes but I decided to try something new and wear grey! I totally love the way it looks. I love how this shade can sometimes come across as a dusty purple or a periwinkle blue depending on the lighting and I think it is such a fun colour.

⟣ C l i o  W a t e r p r o o f  P e n  L i n e r  ( K i l l  B r o w n )


This is another item that I’ve reviewed here. This eyeliner has become my go to because it is so easy to use and it is a deep brown shade that works perfectly for everyday use. It lasts all day on me and does not flake or separate at all!

S c u n c i  S t r o n g e r  B r a i d e d  E l a s t i c s  f o r  T h i c k  H a i r 


So my final favourite is a bit of a random one but I’m in love with these hair ties! (You may have seen it featured in this post)! I run every week and all the hair ties I used prior to this one would always loosen up and not hold up my hair well at all. However, this particular hair tie is amazing! Although it’s really tight and requires a bit more work to get it twice around your hair, it really does hold up and doesn’t budge in the slightest.

What sort of products should I try in March? As always, I love receiving all the amazing recommendations from all of you! ♡

My Top 5 Favourite Beauty YouTubers ♡


I have YouTube to thank for introducing me to makeup back in 2008! I remember just being so fascinated by how complicated it all seemed and all the steps the major beauty gurus took to create a full face makeup look. I never actually started to experiment with makeup on myself until 2010 but I still watched videos religiously just because I thought makeup was so magical and beautiful!

I’ve narrowed my list down to 5, I believe all of these YouTubers are truly so talented and gifted at what they do! =) I could totally watch them all day!

C h l o e  M o r e l l o ♡


Chloe is a fellow Aussie beauty guru who is a complete doppelgänger of Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl). I love how her uploads cover both the natural and wearable looks as well as the more fun, dramatic and non-wearable makeup looks. She is so incredibly talented and I think she is the queen of brows and winged eyeliner. She nails both every single time! She is also just such a fun and entertaining person to watch.

♡ N i k k i e T u t o r i a l s


Nikkie is a Dutch beauty guru and like Chloe, she is so fun to watch. She has an amazing personality with a great sense of humour so all of her videos are very entertaining to watch. I feel that she is a really unique makeup artist and has a signature look that I just totally adore! She does a lot of celebrity inspired looks and they never cease to amaze me.

J u n g S a e m M o o l ♡


This is the perfect channel to watch Korean style makeup tutorials! JungSaemMool is a famous makeup artist in Korea who has worked on many K-pop artists. A lot of the tutorials are of her students applying makeup but they are exceptional nonetheless. They are all so effortless and soft in the way they apply makeup that it’s almost therapeutical to watch! If you’re looking for tutorials on how to do Korean makeup, this is definitely the channel to check out because it is incredibly professional and the makeup skill shown is out of this world amazing.

♡ P o n y ‘ s  B e a u t y  D i a r y


I have referenced Pony multiple times but she truly is so amazing at doing makeup! She explains all the steps taken very clearly and she gives tips along the way to help beginners. I am absolutely obsessed with every makeup look she does. Not only does she make incredible videos, her Instagram account is also definitely one to follow! Her photos are breathtakingly stunning just like she is.

L i s a  E l d r i d g e ♡


Lisa Eldridge is a well known makeup artist who has worked on a countless number of A-list celebrities and you can totally see why! You can completely see her expertise in the makeup field in all of her videos and I totally wish I could apply my makeup as professionally as she does. You can just tell that she is a really genuine and honest person, which are qualities that I completely respect. Check out her channel if you want to apply makeup exactly like a celebrity makeup artist!

Let me know if you watch these YouTubers too and who your favourite YouTubers are! =) ♡

January Beauty Favourites ♡


Now that January has ended and February is here, I thought I would do something different and share my January favourites! =) I’m sharing mostly non-Korean beauty favourites this post too because on a daily basis I tend to reach for a wider variety of makeup brands. I will be starting to review some non-Asian beauty products from this month too! =)

➳ Update: I will be taking pictures using a higher quality camera now so you can see the colours more clearly! Face shots will still be on my phone though because I’m having a hard time with the tripod and timer! =P

⟣ C l a r i s o n i c  M i a  2


The Clarisonic is the biggest game changer in skincare for me and it is one of my holy grail beauty tools. I used to suffer from very bad acne and the Clarisonic has helped my skin clear up like no other! I only get hormonal breakouts now and there is just mainly scarring left on my skin. The Clarisonic cleanses the skin so much more deeper than just using your hands. It is also very easy to use because it beeps at certain times to notify you to move over to a different area of your face. It can also be used in the shower! Although it is an investment electronic tool, it is worth every single penny for sure!

U r b a n  D e c a y  N a k e d  3  P a l e t t e 


After being able to get my hands on a Urban Decay palette and wanting one since the original came out (so many years ago!), I was super eager to wake up the next morning and use it! It absolutely blew me away with how great quality it was. I’m very well aware that the Naked 3 is a hit or miss depending on personal preference, but I absolutely love pink toned eyeshadows. It is such a unique palette and there is nothing like it. I really enjoy the feminine looks I can create as well as the more deeper, smokey eyes I can easily do with the darker shades. I have been using it very frequently ever since I purchased it and I highly recommend it to those who enjoy pinky eyeshadows!

⟣ T o o  F a c e d  C a n d l e l i g h t  H i g h l i g h t i n g  P o w d e r  D u o


I used to be so scared to use highlighter because I have the oiliest skin ever, especially in the summer! But I decided to pick this highlighter up after hearing that it was lovely for adding a subtle glow to the face and it really does exactly that. It’s a shimmery pale gold highlighter and looks beautiful but natural on the skin (if you don’t overload on it of course!). Candlelight has opened a whole new world for me and I’m very keen to try new highlighters out there in the market now. =)

O P I  L u c k y  L u c k y  L a v e n d e r 


This is one of my favourite shades of nail polish for the current summer season. It’s a creamy pale purple shade that is so flattering. I have read that it is a colour that may not suit all skin tones so I would say if you enjoy pastel purples then this is one you should definitely pick up! =) With two coats, it looks perfect! I have been really enjoying it on my toes too but it is also very beautiful on the hands.

⟣ A r i t a u m  H o n e y  M e l t i n g  T i n t s (Review)


If you’ve read my reviews, it will come to no surprise that the Aritaum Honey Melting Tints have become one of my favourite lip products! If I’m unsure what lip product I want to use then these tints are my go-to because they are so easy to throw on and I know that they will suit whatever eye makeup I’m wearing, particularly the shade Bitter Rose.

What were your favourites for January? I’d love to know your recommendations!
Happy February! ♡