♡ Haul: eBay Korean Makeup!


I made another eBay purchase for Korean makeup about a month ago because I wanted to get backups of my all time favourite BB cream! Of course I couldn’t just leave it at that so I ended up buying a few other products that I had been meaning to try or just interested me as I was browsing! =) Being the lip product junkie that I am, I picked up several different kinds and I’m really excited to try them out. I also came across two eye products that I’m just as excited to see how they work out on me!

These are the products I ended up picking up:

M i s s h a  M  P e r f e c t  C o v e r  B B  C r e a m


There really isn’t anything else I can say about this BB cream! It’s become a beauty staple of mine and I have been using it absolutely every single day. I’ve already done a full review of it before, so if you’d like to check it out then click here! =) I decided to purchase it in a pack of two because it was cheaper than buying them singularly!

A r i t a u m n  S t y l e p o p  P u d d i n g  T i n t


I’ve always been curious about Benetint’s Lollitint but considering that it’s around $50 here, I definitely couldn’t bring myself to pick it up! Instead, I saw this while I was looking through eBay and I immediately wanted to pick it up because of how comparable it looked and because it was a fraction of the price at $10! From what I can see, the colour does look quite similar so I’m excited to test it out to see how well it stains! The particular shade I picked up is in ‘#04 Lollipop’!

E t u d e  H o u s e  C o l o r  I n  L i q u i d  L i p s


As soon as I saw the promo of these, I knew I just had to give it a try. The number of shades available drew me in but I decided on ‘BE102’ because I don’t own many neutral shades and I wanted to pick up a more nude lipstick (even though after swatching it, I realised it’s still very much a pinky mauve shade =P)! Also, judging by the promo pictures, these lipsticks appear to have incredible pigmentation so I’m curious to see how it wears!

T o n y M o l y  K i s s  L o v e r  L i p  M a s t e r


I picked this up in the shade ‘#1 First Kiss’ and I was curious about it because I read some great reviews on it, and also because I wanted to give Tony Moly another chance on their lip products! If you have followed me for awhile, you may remember when I tried out one of their watery lip tints and I had really bad results with it! I’m hoping that this will give me a more positive impression on their lip products. =) The colour itself looks a bit like a coral red, which wasn’t what I was expecting, but I will need to swatch it again to be sure!

P e r i  P e r a  L u m i  P a n g


Going along with the more purple/lavender lip phase that I’ve been trying to get into, I decided to pick this lip tint up! This is in the shade ‘PP06’. The colour immediately interested me when I came across this lip product because it looked so beautiful in the promo picture! I’m really hoping that it will be long lasting so that I don’t need to reapply throughout the day.

M i s s h a  T h e  S t y l e  A l l  D a y  S t i c k  E y e s


Hehe finally onto the eye products! It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased new eye makeup, I have been buying so many lip products! I really need to go on a makeup no buy because it’s becoming a huge problem. =( Anyway, for everyday, I don’t like to mess around too much with eyeshadow because I want to be able to get ready quickly before going to uni! The only time I really create a more full eye makeup look is during the weekend. I picked this up in the shade ‘#2 Beige & Chocolate’ because I felt as though it had colours that I would wear everyday! Having two colours in the one product will make it really convenient to do my eye makeup in a short amount of time. I’m really hoping it does last all day on me!

B B I A  P i g m e n t


I’ve never heard of this brand before but these just looked so pretty when I came across them! There were so many different colours to choose from and it really did take me a long time to decide on one. I ended up picking up the shade called ‘#07 Moonlight’. It is a jewel glitter pigment so it would be absolutely perfect for parties and night outs. I don’t own any larger eye glitters so I’m really keen to try this out!

As always, I will be testing these products out and then doing full reviews on each of them! I hope you will look out for them! If you’ve tried any of these products out before, do let me know how they worked on you! ♡

♡ Very Mini Haul: YSL Lipsticks!



When my parents went overseas a few weeks ago, I told them that I wanted some YSL lipsticks because I’ve always been a huge fan of them but considering that they are almost double the price here in Australia, I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity for them to pick some up while they were overseas! Originally they asked if I wanted the YSL Rouge Pur Glossy Lip Stain trio that is sold in Duty Free Airlines exclusively but because you don’t get to pick the colours, they decided to purchase these lipsticks individually! =)

The packaging of the lipsticks themselves is just absolutely gorgeous. It looks luxurious because of the gold casing and I love the detailing in the middle. It has got to be one of my most favourite packagings ever! The shades I got seem the same in the tube but they are very, very different as you can see in the swatches!

R o u g e  V o l u p t e  S h i n e  ( 8  P i n k  I n  C o n f i d e n c e )


The first lipstick is in the ‘shine’ formulation so it is a lot sheerer and has a beautiful glossy finish to it. It feels really moisturising on the lips and the colour looks very natural on me. =) It’s the kind of shade that I would classify as a natural my lips but better. It’s an easy colour to wear for everyday and it pairs well with absolutely any eye makeup. It doesn’t last all day but it is easy to reapply!

R o u g e  V o l u p t e  S i l k y – S e n s u a l  R a d i a n t  ( 9  R o s e  C a r e s s e )


The second lipstick has the standard creamy formulation and it has amazing pigmentation. I love using this shade as a stain for everyday wear and only a little bit of product is needed to achieve a soft look. I like to apply it to the centre of my lips then use a lip brush to blend it out. The texture is so buttery and is completely comfortable to wear. The colour is so flattering and I find myself reaching for it a lot when I want a pop of colour on the lips, but it isn’t too out there at the same time!

Overall, I am beyond pleased with these lipsticks and I have been using them so much. In the future, I will do FOTDs so you can see how they look on my lips but the swatches are very true to colour! I would love to know if you have tried YSL lipsticks before and which ones are your favourite! ♡

♡ Haul: Priceline 40% Off Sale!


When I saw that Priceline was having a 40% off sale on ALL cosmetics for only two days, I knew I had to go and visit! I didn’t realise until the second day that it was going on and I was worried I wouldn’t have time to go after class but luckily I did in the end hehe. Not surprisingly, I picked up a few things but I seriously think I have a major problem. I picked up all new lip products except for one mascara! x_x I can’t seem to stop buying new lip products but I just really enjoy rotating them around everyday and trying out new products. I walked in there not entirely sure exactly what I wanted but I did note down all of your mascara suggestions from my mascara overview post! =) I need to take better note of all of your suggestions on my posts so I can keep track of them all hehehe. Anyway, here are the goodies I ended up getting!:

L ‘ O r e a l  P a r i s  C o l o u r  R i c h e  E x t r a o r d i n a i r e


This was the first thing I grabbed. I already own one shade from the line but it’s paler than what I usually gravitate towards so I wanted to try another colour that I would use more often! I ended up getting the shade Rose Finale, which is a very natural pink colour. It is so gorgeous! I love how these glosses do not feel sticky at all and also don’t dry out the lips in the slightest.

R i m m e l  A p o c a l i p s


I also own one shade from this line called Stellar, which is a very bright pinkish-red shade but Nova, the more medium pinky shade I picked up was one that I had been meaning to pick up for the longest time! I can already tell that it’s definitely a shade that I will get a lot of use out of. These lipsticks have amazing colour payoff but the scent is really strong! It has the classic lipstick scent that I’m not a fan of at all. =(

C o v e r G i r l  L i p  P e r f e c t i o n  J u m b o  G l o s s  B a l m


I am a huge fan of gloss and balm sticks. I think they are so convenient and easy to put on. I remember seeing this specific one by CoverGirl here and there on YouTube so I thought I would give it a try. I ended up picking up the shade in Watermelon Twist, which I think is a perfect shade for summer and spring. I was so excited to open all my new products up so when I was removing the plastic wrapping, I pulled the lid off too hard that it broke the bullet. =( Does anyone know how I can fix this? Please let me know if you do! I’m having trouble wearing it when it just comes off! =P

M a y b e l l i n e  C o l o r  S e n s a t i o n a l  C o l o r  W h i s p e r


I’ve always heard that the Maybelline Color Whispers are comparable to the Revlon Lip Butters so I wanted to pick one up to give it a try. I ended up getting the shade 65 Pink Possibilities. I really wish Priceline carried the entire range but they only have 4 shades here. =( I felt that the other shades would be too light for me so I decided to pick up this one because I would wear it more often. It’s a brighter cool-toned pink and is on the sheerer side (as expected!) but is definitely still very pretty! I don’t normally go for cool-toned shades but this is comfortable to wear because it’s not incredibly bright. =)

M a y b e l l i n e  B a b y  L i p s  E l e c t r o  P o p


These were only a little more than $2 after discount and I’ve enjoyed using them in the past so I wanted to try out a brighter shade and I picked up Pink Shock. It has great pigmentation for being a tinted lip balm but the only thing that bothers me about it is that it doesn’t retract down all the way! I get nervous to close the tube because I’m worried it will nick the product. =O

M a y b e l l i n e  G r e a t  L a s h


Thank you to those of you who recommended this mascara to me, I’m looking forward to trying it out! I had so many other suggestions but I realised that it would be better for me to pick those up when the $10 mascara sale comes up again because it’s a better deal! I decided on this one because it ended up only being around $7 after discount! =) That is a major steal in my opinion! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a mascara that cheap here in Australia before. I’m really excited to try it out!

I hope you enjoyed my haul! I totally just realised that a lot of the lip product colours are really really similar LOL. But it was such a squishy experience when I went to buy these products, everyone was taking full advantage of the great sale that was going on! =P I’m really pleased with my purchases so far though and I can’t wait to continue using everything and test them out more. I will post up reviews once I have my full opinions and thoughts. ♡

♡ Haul: Nike & Lululemon Athletica Workout Clothes


On my Dad’s birthday last weekend, I went on a family trip to a few factory outlets and picked up some new sportswear. I always get excited to pick up new sports clothes because it’s the only time I will actually wear more bright and fun colours LOL. It’s also just fun to pick up some new cute clothes to wear to the gym. =) If you’re interested in buying new workout gear, I would recommend you either buy off Eastbay online or search your local factory outlets. They often have great deals on and it’s always good to save money whenever we can!

N i k e


This top is so soft, it looks plain in terms of its style (it’s just a basic T-back tank top) but it feels amazing and lightweight. I literally cannot stop touching it when I wear it LOL (I probably look like a creeper D=). It looks pastel pink in the photo but it’s actually a pretty, bright bubblegum pink shade! I took the tag off this one and I’ve seemed to have forgotten the price but I believe it was between $18 to $20 after discount!


The material of this tank is different to the one above, it’s not as soft but it still has the same fit on the body. For exercise, I prefer more slim fitting clothes because I find them to be more comfortable and they don’t get in the way like baggier clothes do! This tank is a brighter coral shade and it was reduced at 50% off from $50 to $25!


I didn’t have that many running shorts before this shopping trip, I had a phase of purchasing a lot of different pants but because it still gets humid here in Australia, I wanted to pick up a few more shorts so I could rotate around them more easily!


This is the same style of shorts as the one above but in a highlighter, neon yellow shade! I love how bright these shorts are. =) Both of the shorts were further 50% from an original price of $35 so they were $17.50 each.

➳ All of the items I picked up from Nike are from the Dri-Fit range, which is designed to keep the body cool when you sweat during exercise! =)

L u l u l e m o n


These tanks were reduced from $75 to $19 so I just had to pick them up! I liked the cut-outs because I thought they were quite unique. A lot of my tops are more on the simple side so I thought these would be a nice way to change things up a little.

I hope you enjoyed this haul! Also please excuse how awkward the clothes look splayed on my bed. It’s difficult for me to get them to look nice and neat! >< LOL but thank you all for reading! ♡

♡ Mini Haul: NYX Lip Products


It’s been the longest time since I’ve wanted to try NYX products after seeing so many reviews on them! Every single lip product looks amazing, especially for the price! I still find them to be quite expensive because I live in Australia but I just couldn’t wait any longer and decided to pick a few products up. I went straight to the Butter Glosses because they were what I was most eager to try but each one was $9.95 so I limited myself to only picking up 3. I definitely couldn’t pass up at least one Creamy Round Lipstick so I bought one of them too! =P

It was really difficult picking out which shades I wanted because they all looked so pretty but I knew that I wanted some shades that were not in my collection already, since I tend to always pick up really similar shades. One that I was eyeing in particular due to seeing swatch and FOTD posts was Vanilla Cream Pie but unfortunately, I didn’t see it in stock at the time. =(

What I ended up taking home with me hehehe:


M e r e n g u e


⟪ Cool pink lilac ⟫

A n g e l  F o o d  C a k e


⟪ Darker mauve ⟫

S u g a r  C o o k i e


⟪ Bright fuchsia ⟫

♡ First impressions: My goodness, these smell so heavenly! They smell like desserts and I just want to eat them. I’m also incredibly impressed with the pigmentation of them, especially for being a lip gloss. They also do not feel sticky in the slightest but are rather, smooth and moisturising on the lips. I can see myself using these everyday, which is a major change for me since I’m one to use either lip tints or lipsticks! I honestly want to pick up the entire collection of these and I can’t wait to add more to my collection, I’m not satisfied only having 3 (my poor wallet =().


T e a  R o s e


⟪ Muted cool-toned plum ⟫

♡ First impression: The lipstick is definitely very creamy, it glides onto the lips so smoothly and easily. It also has incredible pigmentation! I really like the colour, it’s a very natural shade that isn’t too nude for me that I feel uncomfortable wearing it. =) It definitely is a lot cooler than what I normally gravitate towards but I don’t own any dupe shades in my collection so I’m happy that I’m able to try something new!

I’ll definitely do more close up shots of these lip products on my actual lips instead of my hands in future FOTD posts!

What other products from NYX do you recommend me to try? I’ve had great first impressions for both lines so I’m keen to try other products from the brand!

♡ Haul: eBay Korean Beauty & Skincare Products

I patiently waited over a week for my parcel to arrive and I was so ecstatic when they came! I will be doing reviews on these products after I get a chance to test them out over a few period of time and really give my 100% honest opinion. The person I bought from was cosmeticmarket2012 and I had pleasant experience. The items were shipped very quickly, everything arrived on time and was packaged very carefully! There was also a large handful of free samples added in which is always a great bonus! The purpose for this online shipping trip was to find a new BB cream and a face cleanser to try but of course with every shopping trip, I ended up picking up more items than intended.


⟣ M i s s h a  M  P e r f e c t  C o v e r  B B  C r e a m


I wanted to pick up this particular Missha BB cream because after reading so many reviews, I found that it was one of the better performing and more popular Korean BB creams. It is a cult classic and is one of the few kinds that has a decent colour range. I am always hesitant to purchase BB creams because I have had plenty of experiences where my skin would look fine when I apply it but then I would walk out and look so unnaturally white! After reading countless reviews and swatches, I decided to pick up the shade #23 because it seemed like the best choice for my light-medium skin. I’m so excited to wear this and give you all my thoughts! =)

N a t u r e  R e p u b l i c  A l o e  G e l  9 2 %  S o o t h i n g  G e l 


This gel moisturiser is one of the best selling skincare items and I knew I just had to give it a try because of all the rave. My skin gets really red and irritated after cleansing so I wanted to incorporate a nice moisturiser that will help tone it down as much as possible. I was also under the impression that it will feel really light and comfortable on my skin considering it is so humid here in Australia at the moment so I decided to pick it up!

⟣ M i s s h a  P r o c u r e  I n t e n s i v e  R e p a i r i n g  T r e a t m e n t


I had no intentions on purchasing any haircare products but I came across this while I was browsing and I got curious! After reading reviews on it, I read that it was a great alternative for higher end hair treatments and I was completely sold because of its great price! =)

H o l i k a  H o l i k a  A q u a  J e l l y  C o l o u r  C h a n g e  C C  T i n t 


As you know, I have an obsession with Korean lip products and I’m always looking to try new ones to find my absolute holy grail. What intrigued me about this one is that it is colour changing based on the temperature of your lips, creating a custom colour. I decided to pick up shade #3 because I’ve been really enjoying pink lip shades lately. I’m also very pleased that it’s a twist-up product!

⟣ H o l i k a  H o l i k a  S o d a  P o r e  B B  D e e p  C l e a n s i n g  F o a m


I was debating between picking up this cleanser and the Etude House AC Clinic Foam one but I decided on this one in the end. My skin has been behaving well in the acne department so now I have been focusing more on treating my acne scars and minimising pores. I’m excited to see if this cleanser will improve my skin!

T o n y  M o l y  D e l i g h t  T o n y  T i n t 


This is a classic red tint that many Korean beauty companies have come out with but this was too affordable I could not pass it up! I’ve tried the Benetint, which is not a very good product and I’ve heard that this is a great alternative to it so I’m keen to see how well it works!

⟣ C l i o  W a t e r p r o o f  P e n  L i n e r


I have heard so many great things about this eyeliner and I was searching for a new brown liquid eyeliner. I have had my Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner in Black for the longest time but I’ve come to realise that I definitely prefer wearing brown on an everyday basis because it looks more natural and softer. I often go through phases where I use gel eyeliners, pencil liners or liquid eyeliners only so it’s nice that I now have a brown liquid eyeliner I can turn to when I’m in the liquid phase! =)

Thank you for reading! I hope you all look forward to seeing my reviews and opinions on these products once I’ve given them a fair trial. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what your experience was like. ♡