The School Tag


So Ellen tagged me to do this and of course, being the tag crazy person that I am, I definitely wanted to participate! I’ve also never seen this one around before but I thought it would be interesting to answer some questions that are different from the tags I’ve already done. =) I’m in university now so I’m going to answer the questions as though I’m a high school student again!

What is your favourite subject in school?
It was definitely Maths. I liked it a lot because there’s always a correct answer whereas in subjects such as English, how well you do depends on who marks your work and that really bothered me!

What is your least favourite subject in school?
I’ve never really absolutely hated a subject but I would probably say geography? I just didn’t really find it fascinating at all. =P

How many detentions have you had?
I’ve never had a proper detention before! I’ve had those minor ones in primary school where if you didn’t read enough books for the week, you’d have to sit in a room with other people during recess LOL.

Are you a class rebel or a teacher’s pet?
I wouldn’t say I’m one or the other. I would put myself in the middle!

What was your favourite year in school?
This is so hard! I really enjoyed most of high school except the final year. I would probably go with year 10? A lot of things happened that year but it was overall just such a fun time with all my friends!

What was your least favourite year in school?
Probably the final year, year 12! It was so stressful preparing for university entrance exams and I cut off a lot of social activities because of it, and I truly regret that so much now!

Who was your first friend in school?
My first friend in primary school was a girl called Uvrashi! She was my best friend at the time before I moved houses and schools. My parents actually told me that one time she bit my arm really hard so they got called in by the principal and my arm was really bruised and purple LOL. I had no idea about this until I was in high school!

Your most vivid school memory?
There’s so so many. I’ve had so many hilarious memories from high school. One memory was when we played ‘Silent Library’ during a photography class (we never did any work in that class haha) but it was the most hilarious thing ever. If you guys haven’t watched it before, definitely YouTube it! Japanese game shows are seriously so hilarious.

Who is your favourite teacher in school?
Our year advisor, Mrs Dickson. She was the biggest sweetheart, always caring and looking out for all of us. She also dedicated a day every month since year 7 (the first year of high school) where she would bake delicious cupcakes for everyone at the end of their birthday month!

Who is your least favourite teacher in school?
I wouldn’t want to say her name because I feel bad but she had a horrible temper. She was always angry and very mean! Everyone was always scared to even be in the same vicinity as her. She eventually left though!

Have you ever skipped class?
Not without my parents knowing! It was mainly on the last day of the term where we wouldn’t have been doing any work anyway.

What’s the biggest fad you’ve had in school?
In the beginning of high school, everyone was obsessed with using bags from Supre and I definitely fell into that fad. I remember buying clothes from the store just so I could get the bag that comes with all purchases!

Worst teacher joke ever?
What do you get when you mix sulfur, tungsten, and silver? SWAG. (Sorry, that was pretty bad…)

Best Studying Techniques & Tips


Exams and assessments are really stressful so it’s important to know exactly how to make the most out of your time to do well in them! I know that I do get really nervous but doing everything in the list below has helped calm my nerves down before every exam and leaves me feeling completely prepared!


This was a scientific study done by some researchers and they found that the most common ways of studying are actually the least effective out of all.

L e a s t  E f f e c t i v e

  1. Highlighting — including underlining textbooks and other materials
  2. Rereading
  3. Summarisation
  4. Keyword mnemonics — the use of keywords and mnemonics to help remind students of course material
  5. Imagery use for text learning — creating mental images to remind students of material

M o d e r a t e l y  E f f e c t i v e

  1. Elaborative interrogation — uses “why” questions to get students to make connections between new and old material.
  2. Self-explanation — prompting students to provide their own explanations for problems while learning material
  3. Interleaved practice — mixing different kinds of problems or material in one study session

H i g h l y  E f f e c t i v e

  1. Practice testing — any form that allows students to test themselves, including using actual or virtual flashcards, doing problems or questions at the end of textbook chapters, or taking practice tests.
  2. Distributed practice — studying material over a number of relatively short sessions. Studying in 30 to 50 minute intervals with 10 minute breaks in between is the most effective way to retain information!


♡ Use page tabs when studying textbooks. This will make it so much more convenient for you to access certain topics and information, especially when it comes to later in a term or semester when you would have covered so much information that you forget where it is in the book!

♡ This may not be for everyone but for me, using colour helps a lot! I like to colour coordinate my notes so that it is more visually appealing to read. If it’s all monochromatic, I find that it looks incredibly boring and I will not want to look at it! =P

♡ Prepare stationery and extra equipment the night before! Make sure you bring extra pens and pencils in case they run out during an exam. A calculator is also a must for certain subjects so make sure you remember to bring it if it’s necessary!

♡ Get a good night’s rest! Your brain actually retains information better during sleep so it’s important that you don’t do an all nighter the day before an exam! Make sure you start studying earlier so you don’t need to and you will be able to sleep better knowing that you’ve prepared in advance

♡ Eat good food during the day leading up to your exam! Your mind needs fuel to function just like the rest of your body does and it’s important to provide your body with the proper nutrients it needs to work at its best!

♡ Don’t cram information into your head right before it’s time to enter an examination room (or even just for studying in general)! It can make you feel even more nervous and can cause doubts that you won’t be able to remember anything during the exam

♡ Take a deep breath and relax! You have studied as hard as you can and that is the best you can do! =)

I hope you found this post helpful! Study hard and ace your assessments!

University Survival Guide


I’m not sure about everywhere else around the world but university has started for us Aussie students so I wanted to do a complete post on how to make the most of your studies, especially considering that university/college represent some important years of life before you’re forced to enter the ever so scary workforce. =O It will be my third year of university this coming week and I wanted to share my experiences and tips that I’ve had along the way. Admittedly, I didn’t research much about university (not even my course, which was very stupid of me ><) before I walked in and I was so shocked by the transition from high school to university. It truly is an entire new world that I was not expecting but I’m here to lessen the fear and make you feel prepared for what’s ahead of you! I’ve broken my post down into a few key categories.

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Being organised and having great time management skills are absolutely important (with anything you do really!). University = lots of homework, essays, exams, extracurricular activities etc. With all these things you need to do, it’s important to keep track so you don’t leave things to the last minute or forget any important dates.

♡ Use a planner/diary! Note down every single event you have on and plan ahead! If you have an essay due, schedule out in your planner so you won’t be leaving it all to the night before. Many subjects have frequent smaller assessments throughout the semester and it’s easy to forget them so don’t just write everything down, remember to consistently check your planner/diary at least once everyday!

♡ Make a to-do list! Studies show that making a checklist makes us more likely to actually get everything done because checking off all the things you have done for the day is really fulfilling and satisfying. It’s a bad feeling when we have to cross something off that we didn’t get done!

♡ Separate each unit of study/subject. It will get confusing if you compile everything into one and it gets incredibly messy, so splitting them up and making it clearly obvious that your documents/papers are distinguished as different subjects such as through colour coding or using dividers and binders/folders will make things so much easier for you!


Ok so I know that a majority of students only attend their tutorials and not their lectures because most lectures (in my case) are recorded online so they’re readily available at your convenience! But it truly makes it hard to be up to date because in most cases, you end up procrastinating and not catching up with the recordings at all so they pile up. Then when you get the chance to catch up, you’re not giving your full attention because you just want to get through them quickly to get up to date. Therefore the greatest advice I can give is quite obvious, attend all your lectures and tutorials! It will make your life so much less stressful when it comes to doing exams and assessments during the semester!

♡ Tutorials are the best places to ask questions. Your tutors are there to help you and they are more than happy to. If you’re unsure about a certain portion of your subject or you need clarification, ask them and don’t be afraid to!


If you’re a full-time university student, it’s inevitable that you will have so much content you need to go through and revise. In my opinion, the best approach to not be so overwhelmed by it all is to be consistently revising! Don’t leave it to the last minute or leave it until a week before you have an exam on! This is a struggle that is so common among university students because who actually enjoys studying right? LOL. But it truly makes a difference in your stress levels! By the time you need to prepare for exams, you will spend a shorter period of time revising because you’ve already been doing it the whole semester!

♡ Know your syllabus/unit of study outline! It is probably the single most important paper in university. The syllabus sets out points on exactly what will be taught and can be examined in your assessments. If you are aware of the possible content that can be questionable, it will make studying so much easier because you will only be revising over information that you actually need!

♡ Plan ahead. Know your scheduled assessment timetable so you have a decent heads up on when you will need to revise most thoroughly and work out how much time you need to spend on each subject. If you’re extremely knowledgable in one subject but lacking in another, allocate more time on the subject you’re struggling with so you can excel in both!


One of the most expensive things about university are the textbooks that you are told you have to purchase and they truly add up. But you definitely don’t! Figure out if the recommended textbooks are actually examinable. Most of the time they are for supporting materials and if that’s the case, just go into the university library to look up the pages you need! If it is fundamental that you need to purchase a textbook, don’t worry! I know that where I live, there are websites that sell discounted textbooks. If not, you can sell them after you’ve used them!

♡ The library is your best friend! Only buy what you need to spare some money. =) Textbooks are incredibly expensive (especially if you purchase them directly from the university store) but most of the time, everything you need is right in the shelves.

♡ Always have spare pens and pencils! This is especially important during assessment period, you would never want to be in a situation where your pen has run out of ink or you’re out of lead! Even in examinations that require the use of a calculator, I would bring a spare one just in case one suddenly runs out of batteries midway through.


People say that the friends you make in university are the friends you keep for the rest of your life! Even until now, I’ve definitely realised that some people from high school were only my friends because I saw them everyday. I have to say that I’m not a completely social person and I was nervous entering university because most of my closest high school friends were going separate ways and this meant that I was forcing myself to be in a situation where I would actually have to go out of my way to introduce myself and interact with other fellow uni students. However, this is something you really need to overcome! University is tough so it’s important to have friends around you to support you both academically and emotionally.

♡ Spare time for your hobbies and friends! You need to destress somehow and spending time with good company definitely helps alleviate a lot of the stress!

♡ Make time for yourself. Don’t forget to pamper yourself sometimes and never feel guilty about it! You can’t possibly be doing university work all the time so go paint your nails, take a relaxing bath, do a face mask.. do anything you want. =)

♡ Join campus societies and clubs! They’re a great way to meet some new faces and do fun activities together with. Being part of the committees is a great way to boost up your CV too!

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For those of you that are starting university or have started already, I wish you all the best in your studies! =) Try your best to be organised but also loosen up a little, don’t get too stressed out and remember not to be too hard on yourself! I know you have the motivation and determination to study hard until you graduate so keep at it! If you have any other questions you want to know or have any requests on future school related posts, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

Back To School Makeup Routine


Ugh, so university has started again for me and I decided to change up my everyday school makeup look for the new semester! =) I’m sure that many of you know that I have an absolute obsession with eyeliner and I feel very naked without it but this time I’ve decided to finally step down from using eyeliner everyday! It will not only save me time in the morning (from trying to make both eyes even! ><) but it’ll also be a nice change for me because it’s the first step in my journey to becoming more comfortable with the way I look wearing really minimal natural makeup! I’ll also have more time in the morning to blog before I have to leave hehe.

5 key points:

 A lightweight base that will last all day without needing to touch up

 A natural blush to add some colour and brightness to the face

 One eyeshadow to cut out on time and keep it simple

 Mascara to open up the eyes and make them look awake

 A long wearing lip colour that will last all day without touchups

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When I have school, I don’t like spending too much time on getting ready because honestly I would rather sleep in as much as I can! =P Therefore, I always pick out the bare essential makeup items that I know won’t fail me and are perfect to use everyday.

Breakdown of my essential products:

⟣ F a c e

Base: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream (Review)

Setting powder: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light

Blush: CandyDoll Cheek Color in Strawberry Pink (Review)

⟪ For my face, I want it to be lightweight so it’s not too heavy but is long lasting and keeps my face from becoming oily at any point during the day. The blush is natural enough that it prevents my face from looking flat but adds enough colour without the need to bronze or contour ⟫

E y e s 

Eyeshadow: Etude House Look At My Eyes Cafe in Caramel Latte (Review)
OR Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze

Mascara: L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara in All Black

⟪ I really can’t stand it when my eyeshadows crease or my mascara smudge so I always carefully pick out my eye products, especially since I don’t use eyeshadow primer everyday. For me and my personal preference in one eyeshadow looks, I prefer medium toned shades over lighter ones because I feel that they add more definition to the eyes (especially since I don’t have eyeliner on). If you’re going for a brightening look, definitely use a pale beige, cream or gold eyeshadow! It will look absolutely beautiful ⟫

⟣ L i p s

Lipstick: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey

⟪ As with everything else in this routine, I don’t want to worry about reapplication and I’ve found that this particular lip stain works well and looks great the entire day from when it is first applied to when it fades after eating and drinking ⟫

Divider (2)

These are my full proof items that I enjoy using for school. I don’t have to worry about any touch ups at all so I can just focus my attention on studying the entire day! =) Everyone has their own makeup essentials though and I’d love to know what yours are! If you’re no longer in school, then I want to know what your go to minimal makeup is!