About/PR Disclaimer


Hi! ♡ Welcome to my blog!

My name is Jen, otherwise known as Dorkchops. I’m a 19 year old Asian-Australian Commerce and Psychology university student with a passion for makeup and all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle related! I like to write reviews on beauty products in my spare time with a particular focus on Korean cosmetics. I always give my 100% honest opinions so that you can decide whether you would enjoy the product or save some money and skip out on it. =) Among my other hobbies, I am strongly dedicated to health and fitness! I believe it is so important to have both a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Skin tone: Light-medium
Skin type: Oily/combination
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair colour: Balayage (Natural dark brown base to light-medium golden brown)


As stated above, all of my posts on this blog are 100% genuine thoughts and opinions. All reviewed products and items mentioned have been bought by my own money unless stated otherwise.

If you are a company wishing to get in touch with me regarding any product reviews, giveaways or features fitting the contents of my blog, feel free to e-mail me at any time through dorkchopsworld@gmail.com.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy my blog and all of its contents! I appreciate each and every single one of you beautiful people! ♡

491 thoughts on “About/PR Disclaimer

  1. Pete's Home Cooking says:

    thanks for dropping by at petes home cooking.
    Liked your site, but the content isn’t my thing having a face like an english bull dog and all.
    My girls are intersted in make up ( obviously ) so I’ll look into to keep current


  2. offcampus101 says:

    Hi Jen!

    We are very excited to tell you that Off Campus 101 is currently transitioning into Pacific & June. We’ve really been enjoying this project, and realized that in order to continue after college, we needed a name that was a little less college-specific. We really appreciate you following us and hope you give us a follow at our new website, pacificandjune.com.

    Kate and Tay


  3. Free Spirit- Abhishek says:

    Dear Jen,
    Thanks for liking my blog,
    while replying i got opportunity to read your blog. i would like to congratulate you for such beautiful and sweet blog.
    Keep Blogging and enrich this world with you ideas and opinion.


  4. nailpolishlover says:

    Hi Dear i love your blog and thank you so much for liking my posts:) I don’t know if this is weird but could you look at my blog and give me any suggestions or input you may have as I am new to this and your a perfect pro at it 🙂 If not I understand. could you let me know thanks so much

    Liked by 1 person

  5. lynne hoareau says:

    Thank you for the ‘like’ to my Peanut Brittle and Liqueur Gateau recipe. I have found your blogs to be so interesting and have enjoyed reading them. I look forward to seeing more on your blog. Have a great day.


  6. Traci-Ann says:

    Hi, Just to let you know that I have nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award! Thank you for taking time to read, like and comment on my posts. 🙂


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