What’s In My Bag? ♡


I was tagged by the lovely Chel to do this tag! I’ve come across so many of these posts and I loved reading them so I knew I wanted to take up the tag! =) I hope you will find this as interesting as the many other ones out there!

I’m a university student so I currently use a backpack that is more practical and can carry a lot of things. This is the first time in a long while that I’ve used a backpack because I always found that handbags were more convenient but now that I use a laptop, I wanted something that would be more sturdy and not apply too much weight on one of my shoulders!


New Look Crosshatch Formal Backpack in Black

My backpack is from ASOS by the brand New Look. It has a spacious interior compartment with front, side and inside pockets! They also have the same backpack in a white and a metallic silver colour. The hardware is a yellow-toned gold. You can purchase this specific one here! It was only AU$39, which I think is a great price considering how I was looking around in stores and they were definitely more expensive! I was a little nervous when it arrived because it seemed really small and having my laptop fit inside was a necessity! To my surprise, my laptop did manage to fit and I still had so much room to put other things! =)

Now onto what’s inside…

⟣ F r o n t


Contents of the front pocket!

Unfortunately, the zip has no practical function but there is still a front pocket section that has a magnetic closure! It also fits a decent amount of my essentials which is great!

Hair tie for thick hair (always handy to have just in case!) – I purchased a set of these from Target because I always had issues of my tied back hair getting loose!
Page tabs – The rectangular ones were purchased in Korea and the Dachshund ones are from a Christmas kikki.K gift set
House keys (of course!) – The pouch is from Daiso! The keychain was a gift so I’m not sure where it’s from =(
Hand sanitiser – I always need to carry this around to be hygienic. I’m a bit of a germaphobe =P
Mints – I think mints are a lot more convenient than chewing gum so I always carry them around with me!

I n s i d e 


Contents of the inside of my backpack!


Notebook – This is an A4 one also from kikki.K (Buy)
Wallet – Mine is from Coach! I got it as a birthday present from my friends last year =)
Pencil case – This was a Christmas present from my friend. It’s also from kikki.K but unfortunately the particular one I have isn’t being sold anymore
Calculator – I need to do statistics in university so I always need to carry one with me!
Diary – This is a small diary from kikki.K (Buy)
Earphones – Mine are from Audio-Technica. They are great for on the go or when I need to watch videos in silence hehehe. They are great at blocking outside noises and sounds (Buy)
Phone – I have the iPhone 5S. The case I have on it right now is my most favourite one ever! (Buy)
➳ Unfortunately they don’t have the exact same one I have at the moment. =( I believe it may be sold out but they have other colours and there are other online stores that sell these too!


Deodorant – I always need to carry one because I often exercise in the afternoons after I’ve been out all day and I don’t want to be smelly =P
Highlighters – The necessity for every student! These were from a friend who bought them in Asia. They’re from the Pilot Frixon Light range (they’re erasable!)
Laptop – I have a 15″ Macbook Air. I bought the case for really cheap on eBay, there are literally so many if you search there!
Lip product – I always carry my go-to lip product in my bag in case I do feel the need to touch up. At the moment I’m using the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Colour Change Tint Bar in CC Pink (Review)
Water bottle – If you know me, you’ll know that I always need one with me!
Umbrella (not pictured) – It’s blazing hot in Australia right now so I haven’t been carrying it but it’s definitely necessary once it’s rainy season!

That’s absolutely everything in my bag (minus some feminine products which I felt a little weird to show LOL but I keep them inside the zipper pocket of my backpack)! If I know that I will be out for a longer period of time then I will also carry my laptop and phone chargers with me!

I hope all of you liked the sneak peek into my everyday bag! I definitely had fun putting this post together and I’m curious to know what all of you carry hehehe. =)

86 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag? ♡

  1. cellardoor2014 says:

    Great post! I love what’s in my bag posts, it satisfies my nosiness 🙂 I think I need you to organize my bag for me. I think I have enough stuff in my bag to make up a small army. Madness I tell you.
    You have adorable accessories!

    Liked by 1 person

      • shaudae says:

        Girllll!!!!!1 I immediately started to search for clutches!!! I love the big ones. I love a big bag. I think they speak to me. There’s something about organising all my stuff in a big bag that excites me. Yea, i know, i’m weird!

        Liked by 1 person

      • shaudae says:

        I pack my bags daily..even if I carry the same bag and I change nothing in the bag…i take the stuff out and repack them. Very Type A!!! I love small bags if I’m going…let me not lie..I don’t really like them but I’ll carry them (small bag or clutch) if I’m going to a lunch date or dinner date. I love big bags. I don’t love the adventure of looking for stuff so I like detailed big bags with compartments for errrrthang!!! I most definitely will show you what I pick out. Will do this tag soon but I’ll show what I carry in my bag for each occasion. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dorkchops says:

        Really? Wow! I just take mine and leave hahaha. Yes, a smaller bag is definitely more convenient for a lunch or dinner! ❤ Yesss I love compartments! The more the better! It's so much easier to find things when everything has its own place! 😛
        Yay ok! 😀 And you should! This tag is so fun! 🙂


      • Dorkchops says:

        I’ve never purchased anything from both of those sites! :O I’ve only looked at Sammy Dress before and their items are so inexpensive! Not sure how their customer service is though! 😦 Did you end up buying anything?


  2. sandrewbox says:

    Your backpack is so awesome! I’m impressed it can fit a laptop. I love the dachshund page tabs too! Also, I recently discovered Daiso on a trip to San Francisco and I am addicted. 🙂 This is a fun post!


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