♡ Haul: Nike & Lululemon Athletica Workout Clothes


On my Dad’s birthday last weekend, I went on a family trip to a few factory outlets and picked up some new sportswear. I always get excited to pick up new sports clothes because it’s the only time I will actually wear more bright and fun colours LOL. It’s also just fun to pick up some new cute clothes to wear to the gym. =) If you’re interested in buying new workout gear, I would recommend you either buy off Eastbay online or search your local factory outlets. They often have great deals on and it’s always good to save money whenever we can!

N i k e


This top is so soft, it looks plain in terms of its style (it’s just a basic T-back tank top) but it feels amazing and lightweight. I literally cannot stop touching it when I wear it LOL (I probably look like a creeper D=). It looks pastel pink in the photo but it’s actually a pretty, bright bubblegum pink shade! I took the tag off this one and I’ve seemed to have forgotten the price but I believe it was between $18 to $20 after discount!


The material of this tank is different to the one above, it’s not as soft but it still has the same fit on the body. For exercise, I prefer more slim fitting clothes because I find them to be more comfortable and they don’t get in the way like baggier clothes do! This tank is a brighter coral shade and it was reduced at 50% off from $50 to $25!


I didn’t have that many running shorts before this shopping trip, I had a phase of purchasing a lot of different pants but because it still gets humid here in Australia, I wanted to pick up a few more shorts so I could rotate around them more easily!


This is the same style of shorts as the one above but in a highlighter, neon yellow shade! I love how bright these shorts are. =) Both of the shorts were further 50% from an original price of $35 so they were $17.50 each.

➳ All of the items I picked up from Nike are from the Dri-Fit range, which is designed to keep the body cool when you sweat during exercise! =)

L u l u l e m o n


These tanks were reduced from $75 to $19 so I just had to pick them up! I liked the cut-outs because I thought they were quite unique. A lot of my tops are more on the simple side so I thought these would be a nice way to change things up a little.

I hope you enjoyed this haul! Also please excuse how awkward the clothes look splayed on my bed. It’s difficult for me to get them to look nice and neat! >< LOL but thank you all for reading! ♡

60 thoughts on “♡ Haul: Nike & Lululemon Athletica Workout Clothes

    • Dorkchops says:

      Yay Annie! 😀 So glad you’re back into fitness! ❤ Haha I swear gym gear makes such a difference, I'm not even sure why! 😛 Might be because we feel the need to actually make use of the workout clothes we buy!

      Liked by 1 person

      • annie'sbeauty... says:

        Haha! I can’t explain it either! But it sure works!
        I missed gym since I always went, well… most of my teenager and adult life anyway! Good to be active again! 😌👌
        Lots of xx


    • Dorkchops says:

      Hahaha I know! 😛 I refuse to be in neon on an everyday basis (kudos to people who do though)! I definitely stopped wearing too much black to the gym after realising how much more fun brights and neons were. 😛 Thank you Brittany! ❤ Yes, I went a little crazy in the store trying to find things in my size LOL. I was so happy with the sales they had on!


  1. alphawhiskeyfoxtrot says:

    I’m with you — neutrals for daywear, brights to the gym. 🙂 I’m getting ready to start fencing lessons, and I was just thinking that having some bright clothes would make it even more fun. Thank you for the inspiration, as always! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dorkchops says:

      Yes! 😀 Brights are just so much more fun for the gym hehe. Wow, fencing is so awesome! Definitely pick up some bright gear for it and have fun! I’ve never tried it before but it looks so interesting. 🙂 You’re very welcome! ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    I too love new sports wear although no one might think it! I have over the past few years purchased numerous spring goods but never worn then as they have been just too tight for me. This means I now have a drawer full of unworn sports clothes to start wearing in three weeks time when I go back to the gym! Exciting times


  3. superslaviswife says:

    Wow, they’re cute! I hate wearing cute workout gear for weights (it gets messy and that makes me sad), but would have loved to get those lululemon tops at that price to do my yoga in. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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