25 Beauty Questions Tag!


1. Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge, or fingers?
With my current BB cream, I just use my fingers! But if I’m going to wear foundation for a special occasion then I like to use a dense brush such as the Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

2. Do you apply your eyeshadow from light to dark or dark to light?
I always apply light to dark unless I’m doing an intense smokey eye where the darker colours are on the lid. I like to work from the lids out!

3. Do you prime your eyes?
I used to everyday but the eyeshadows I’ve been using don’t really crease on me so I skip out on it! I will for special occasions though, just because I want my makeup to stand out and be full proof the entire time. =)

4. Concealer first, or after foundation? 
Definitely only after foundation. Concealer should be used to cover up what foundation hasn’t already!

5. Go for manicures, or manicure yourself?
I paint my own nails! I don’t think I do a bad job and it saves more money.

6. Exfoliate lips, face or both?
I used to exfoliate by face all the time when I was using my St Ives scrubs but after I finished them, I don’t currently do either!

7. On average, how long does it take you to do your makeup?
Depends on the situation. =P If I’m just getting ready for uni or a casual day then it’ll take 5 minutes but if I want to look extra nice for a nice outing or a night out then I can take up to 30 minutes or more!

8. Do you wear makeup everyday and everywhere?
Probably 99% of the time I will be wearing some sort of makeup.

9. What release are you most excited about? (Makeup)
I want to try the new Urban Decay Revolution Lipglosses!

10. What’s your weakness? Shoes, purses, clothes, jewellery, eyeshadow, lipstick or other?
Everything makeup really! But definitely mostly eyeshadows and lipsticks.

11. Do you whiten your teeth?
No, I don’t! I really want to though. My teeth aren’t as white as I’d like them to be and since I’m a green tea addict, my teeth are slightly on the yellow side. =(

12. Wax eyebrows, or pluck?
I’ve never gotten them waxed before, I just pluck them! I really want to go to a proper brow place to get them done though.

13. What do you use to contour?
I just use an angled blush brush by Sigma but I rarely contour. I really want to pick up the NARS brush!

14. False lashes, or natural?
Definitely natural for me, I have a hard time with false lashes even though they are so fun!

15. Favourite makeup brand? 
This is way too hard of a question. There are so many brands with so many amazing products, I couldn’t possibly pick one!

16. Liquid eye-liner, pencil or gel?
I go through phases all the time! Right now it’d have to be liquid though. =D

17. Lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick?
Definitely lipstick! =)

18. Pigments, pressed or cream eyeshadow?
It’s a toss up between pressed and cream. I think I will go for cream because I’ve been enjoying them most lately for everyday!

19. If you had to wear only one thing, excluding foundation; what would it be?
A lip tint! I’m fine with just curling my lashes otherwise I would pick mascara. =P

20. Favourite colour?
Pink, always!

21. Favourite colour combination?
I love bronze eyes with pink lips! =)

22. Natural or dramatic? (Eye Makeup)
I love a dramatic look because I find them fun to do but I would say natural because it’s what I gravitate towards a majority of the time.

23. Do you care more for quality or name brand?
Definitely quality! I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on a name brand when the product itself isn’t great!

24. Do you enjoy using face masks? If so, which ones?
YES! I love face masks. =D I particularly love all Asian sheet masks and I enjoy the Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Pore Mask.

25. What is your current addiction? (Examples: lipsticks, eyeshadows, earrings etc.)
I’m always obsessed with buying and trying out new lip products!

Another beauty tag today! Hehe these are seriously just too much fun to do. I hope you enjoyed my answers to these and I’d love to read yours so feel free to steal the tag and post it on your blog!

50 Random Questions Tag!


1. Would you rather be twice as smart or twice as happy?
Of course I would choose happy! Happiness is the most important out of everything. =)

2. What’s your worst habit?
Never flossing my teeth? Haha I’m not quite sure what else to put here – I know how it’s important to floss but I’m just so lazy to!

3. Are you dating?
Not currently. =P

4. Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?
Not anymore. I used to but I never used them so I stopped because they just ended up piling up LOL!

5. What is the one thing you’ll never do again?
I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t do again! At least nothing I can think of as of right now! =P

6. Do you collect anything?
Soft toys/plushies! I have so many it’s kind of ridiculous, and also makeup of course!

7. Worst injury you ever had?
I’ve never had any major injuries *touches wood* but when I was in primary school, I used to always twist my ankle. It was always the same one too so at some point my right ankle was significantly larger than my left one LOL.

8. What is your favourite pet/animal?
Dogs! I’ve grown up with them. =)

9. What’s your dream vacation?
Japan or all around Europe! I can’t decide between the two right now.

10. Honestly, are things going the way you planned?
Yes! They weren’t recently but I’ve sort of started to piece together what I want to do in life (as of now) and I’ve only taken baby steps but at least I’m going somewhere right? =D

11. Do you have any tattoos?
None! I do want a small one eventually though, something that isn’t easily visible on my body but holds a special meaning in my heart!

12. What’s your secret to lure in the opposite sex?
LOL this is such a weird question but I don’t really do anything. o_o

13. Any phobias?
I’ve mentioned it before but my biggest phobia is failure.

14. Do you bite your nails?
Nope! I’ve never gotten into that habit, even when I was younger!

15. Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
I’ve tried to before but the number got too high so then I stopped haha. I don’t ever do it now though.

16. Heels or flats?
If I could, I would love to wear heels all the time but flats are more practical and comfortable. =P

17. Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
Nope I’ve never wanted to LOL. And there’s too much effort for that!

18. Do you always smile for pictures?
I do but I always smile with no teeth hahaha. I’m actually really insecure about my smile (which is bad I know)! =O

19. Do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing?
Of course I do! =D But only when no one is watching haha.

20. Do you miss anyone right now?
YES! Always.

21. What’s your favourite colour?
No surprises but it’s pink LOL.

22. Do you want kids?
I do, I want 3! But definitely not for another 10 years or so.

23. Are you patient?
It depends! If I’m waiting for people on an outing, I am perfectly fine to wait for them but if it’s something like waiting for an online purchase to arrive.. not so much LOL. I always want the stuff right away!

24. Can you swim?
Yes! I did swimming lessons for several years.

25. Tea or coffee?
I’m not a fan of the taste of coffee but I love the smell of it. I have an addiction to green tea though so definitely tea!

26. What do you wear to bed?
In the summer I wear pyjama dresses and in the winter I wear those typical pyjama sets LOL.

27. Ever used a gun? 
Nope but I would like to go to a firing range one day just to experience what it’s like!

28. Do you sing in the shower?
Sometimes! Not as much anymore. =P

29. Are you stubborn?
I know it’s bad but very much so.

30. Are you lazy?
It’s gotten a lot better but I definitely can be lazy sometimes.

31. Can you change the oil in a car?
Yes, I’ve only done it twice though LOL.

32. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
Oh ages ago! I don’t remember the exact time but I’m pretty sure it was either 2008 or 2009!

33. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
No, I’d be so uncomfortable doing that! Besides I don’t want the whole world to know what I look like naked LOL.

34. What is your favourite food?
I enjoy most healthy and nutritious foods!

35. Do you still watch cartoons?
I totally would but I don’t find the time to anymore! I just stick to TV shows now. I miss childhood when all I would do was watch cartoons all day! Good times. =)

36. What movie(s) can you watch over and over again and not get bored?
Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. I kind of enjoy movies for the fact that I don’t really know what’s going to happen and it’s so suspenseful. I don’t mind watching movies more than once but I wouldn’t go out of my way to if that makes sense? =P

37. What superpower would you have for one day?
Only for one day? Teleportation probably. I would go travelling everywhere LOL!

38. What’s been your favourite age so far? 
Hm, I think probably 13? I had a lot of amazing and funny memories from that age!

39. How old are you?
I’m 19 years old! Turning 20 in July. =)

40. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?“Stop wanting to grow up all the time! You have all the time right now to just have fun and not worry about anything so just continue enjoying being a kid!” =)

41. If you knew you would die in one week, what would you do?
Woah. I would do as many things in my bucket list as possible! Go bungee jumping, skydiving, get a tattoo, get my tragus and belly button pierced. But most importantly, spending as much time as I can with my family and friends!

42. What celebrity would you trade lives with?
Beyonce! Who wouldn’t want to be Beyonce? =O

43. Do people ever take you seriously?
LOL I hope so! I mean I’d honestly be quite sad if no one ever did.

44. What happened the last time you cried?
I had a bit of a clutz moment at the gym and I was laughing so hard I cried HAHA.

45. Who knows you best?
Probably myself LOL. I’m not really an open person so there’s no one I’ve ever really shared 100% of myself with.

46. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
Closed, always! Leaving them open is just too scary for me. =P

47. What is your song of the week?
I’ve only just listened to EXO’s new song ‘Call Me Baby’ and I already know it’s going to be on repeat. For those of you who don’t know, EXO is a well-known K-pop band!

48. Last person you kissed?
Would be unfair for me to blast who it was LOL.

49. Best thing to eat for breakfast?
Oats with bananas, always!

50. Does anyone know the password to your email?
Nope, only I do hehe.

Of course as always, all of you are welcome to take this tag and post it on your blogs! =) ♡

100 Questions No One Ever Asks Tag


So I stole this from Maffy hehe and I thought this one would be so fun to do because these questions really are ones that no one ever asks LOL! As always, I tag all of you to do this! I hope you enjoy it!

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
Closed! I’ve watched too many horror movies to know not to ever leave them open. D=

Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
Not anymore! I used to but I realised they just piled up because I never used them so I stopped LOL.

Do you sleep with you sheets tucked in or out?
Tucked in! =) It seems weird if I tuck them out.

Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
No! Hahaha I’d have nothing to do with it. o_o It must take so much effort anyway and I have no idea why anyone would want to!

Do you like to use post-it notes?
YES! They are so useful in uni! I like using them in textbooks to summarise important parts so that I don’t make any marks and therefore, they can be resold the following year. =)

Do you cut out coupon but then never use them?
Yes! I keep telling myself that I will use them but then I never do. =P I guess it’s good in a way because then I save money from not buying anything at all LOL.

Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees?
My goodness. Ummm I think a swarm of bees! A giant bear would be scary and I’m not entirely sure whether I could outrun one. Could I run into some water or something to stop the bees? ><

Do you have freckles?
No, I don’t! I think they’re really cute though. =D

Do you always smile for pictures?
Most of the time! I don’t like showing my teeth though LOL so sometimes they turn out really awkward. -_- This is why I only like taking selfies, because I can see what I look like beforehand LOLOL.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
People who walk really really slowly in front of you! I’m not sure if this is my biggest one but it’s definitely one of them.

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Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
Nope, never! I

Have you ever peed in the woods?

What about pooped in the woods?
Oh no. Never!

Do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing?
Of course I do LOL! Only when I’m alone though. It’d look so awkward just randomly busting out in a dance in public! D=

Do you chew your pens and pencils?
No! That’s actually another pet peeve of mine now that I’ve been reminded about it! =P

How many people have you slept with this week?
Wow that’s really personal LOL but none!

What size is your bed?
Single! I want a bigger bed. =(

What is your song of the week?
Linger by Guy Sebastian featuring Lupe Fiasco. ♡

Is it okay for guys to wear pink?
Of course it is! Anyone can wear whatever they’d like to without any judgment from other people. =)

Do you still watch cartoons?
I totally would but I don’t anymore! =( I miss my childhood, I would watch them every morning before going to school and every afternoon when I came back home!

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What’s your least favourite movie?
I don’t really have a movie I dislike that much to have a least favourite. =O

Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
Probably in my backyard or something LOL (such a typical spot). I don’t really know any special places I’d hide it. =P

What do you drink with dinner?
My mum makes freshly squeezed orange juice every night to go along with dinner!

What do you dip a chicken nugget in?
Sweet and sour sauce! I haven’t had a chicken nugget in such a long time. =O

What is your favourite food?
In terms of cuisine, Japanese food! I love classic chicken teriyaki.

What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
Any Disney movie, Mean Girls…that’s all I can think of at the moment LOL.

Last person you kissed/kissed you?
Some boy LOL. Wouldn’t want to blast his name out on here. =O

Were you ever a boy/girl scout?
Nope! I wish I did though. =( It’s not a huge thing in Australia but I remember there were some short term programs and things similar to being a scout!

Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that, I don’t want the whole world to know how I look naked HAHA. =P

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
Wow, it was so long ago. I can’t remember exactly when but I think it might have been back in 2008.

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Can you change the oil on a car?

Ever gotten a speeding ticket?
Nope! Hope I won’t ever get one. =O

Ever ran out of gas?
Thankfully not. =D

Favourite kind of sandwich?
Good ol’ peanut butter!

Best thing to eat for breakfast?
Oats with a banana, chia seeds and a drizzle of honey! Yum!

What is your usual bedtime?
Any time between 11:30pm to 2:00am. It’s definitely a lot later when I have school!

Are you lazy?
I used to be a lot more lazier but I’m better about that now. It really depends on the situation though!

When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?
This is so sad but I’ve never ever celebrated Halloween. It’s not as big of a holiday here in Australia unfortunately! =( I’ve always wanted to dress up though!

What is your Chinese astrological sign?
Piggy hehehe.

How many languages can you speak?
Completely fluently – only English. ><

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Do you have any magazine subscriptions?
None, I don’t read magazines anymore. =O

Which are better, legos or lincoln dogs?

Are you stubborn?
Yes, very much LOL.

Who is better, Leno or Letterman?
I haven’t watched much Leno so Letterman I guess? =P

Ever watch soap operas?
Not anymore!

Are you afraid of heights?
To a certain point. I’m not scared being at the top of really high buildings and looking down but I think if I was in a bungee jumping or skydiving situation, it’d be totally different!

Do you sing in the car?
LOL sometimes I do!

Do you sing in the shower?
If I’m alone, yes. =P

Do you dance in the car?
Definitely not as often as singing.

Ever used a gun?
Nope! I do want to go to a firing range or something one day just for the experience though! I’m curious to see if I’m terrible at target practice or not.

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Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
A professional photographer? Back in 2012 when I had to take school photos LOL.

Do you think musicals are cheesy?
Honestly, yes I think they are but I’d still love to go them!

Is Christmas stressful?
Not at all! It’s a super fun time. =D

Ever eat a pierogi?
I had to Google what a pierogi is but I think I’ve tried them before! It’s just a dumpling right? I think I’ve eaten them before. =)

Favourite type of fruit pie?
I’m not the biggest fan of fruit pies! =O I’d probably go with apple though, I haven’t tried that many different types! ><

Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
A singer or a veterinarian were at the top of my list!

Do you believe in ghosts?
I do and I’ve partially seen one before! I’ve never had a really scary encounter though and I really hope I don’t!

Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
Actually haven’t in such a long long time!

Take a vitamin daily?
Nope! I definitely will if I find out I’m lacking in a specific vitamin though.

Wear slippers?
All the time yes, I’m from an Asian household LOL so they’re a must!

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Wear a bath robe?
Never! I just put on my pajamas right after I dry off.

What do you wear to bed?
Pajamas! In the summer I wear dresses and in the winter I wear those super attractive typical pajama sets LOL.

First concert?
I don’t remember which was my first! =( I think it might have been to some Chinese singers when my parents dragged me along to go see with them.

Wal-Mart, Target, or Kmart?
We don’t have a Walmart in Australia. Hm, but between Target and Kmart, probably Target! They stock NYX hehehe!

Nike or Adidas?
Nike, all the way! My favourite sportswear brand. ♡

Cheetos or Fritos?
Fritos aren’t readily available here so Cheetos!

Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?
Peanuts! I LOVE peanuts!

Ever heard of the group Tres Bien?
Nope, never. =O

Ever take dance lessons?
I did but really really briefly. I wish I stuck with it!

Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?
I’m not sure, it’s not really up to me. Whatever he’s passionate about, I’ll support him 100%. =)

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Can you curl your tongue?
Yes. I wish I could do the cauliflower though!

Ever won a spelling bee?
I’ve never entered in one before. =O

Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
Yes! I never thought I would be one to but I did!

Own any record albums?
No but it’d be awesome to!

Own a record player?
No, I love how they look though. So vintage! =)

Regularly burn incense?
Nope, they’re a little too strong for me. ><

Ever been in love?
Nope. =O

Who would you like to see in concert?
I think Sam Smith would be absolutely incredible to go see and listen to his voice in person!

What was the last concert you saw?
Justin Timberlake – he was amazing!

Hot tea or cold tea?
Hot tea! Hot green tea. ♡

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Tea or coffee?
TEA! ♡

Sugar or snickerdoodles?
Hm, snickerdoodles I guess? =O I’m not sure what this means by sugar, do they mean sugar cookies or legitimate sugar granules? o_o

Can you swim well?
Yes! I took lessons for several years when I was younger.

Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?
Yes, I never really understood why people had to hold their nose. =O

Are you patient?
Yes, most of the time. =)

DJ or band, at a wedding?
I think I’m more of a DJ person hehe.

Ever won a contest?
No major ones!

Ever have a plastic surgery?
No, I haven’t!

Which are better, black or green olives?
They’re both good! Black olives are only nice on pizzas though in my opinion.

Can you knit or crochet?
No, I remember reading up on how to do it but it looked so difficult. =( I really want to learn though!

Divider (2)

Best room for a fireplace?
The living room, away from any fire hazards!

Do you want to get married?
Yes, sometime within the next 10 years I think hehe.

If married, how long have you been married?
0 years.

Who was your HS crush?
I didn’t really have one major crush, just people I thought were really cute here and there. =P

Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way?
No, that’s so diva! LOL I’m not like that at all. I just accept the way things pan out! =)

Do you have kids?
Not yet, not ready! =P

Do you want kids?
Yes! I want 3. =D

What’s your favourite colour?
Without a doubt, pink.

Do you miss anyone right now?
Yes, so so many people!

To those of you that read the entire post up until here, I’m so surprised! LOL. =) These were some really really interesting and unique questions though! As I mentioned in the beginning, please do post up your answers to these questions! I’d love to read them! ♡

17 Random Questions Tag


I saw this tag on BellaNinaBeauty and it looked so fun! There were so many questions that were different to other tags so I knew I wanted to answer them! =) Feel free to take the questions and post up your own answers! I always love reading all of your answers!

1. How did you get your blog username?
Originally I wanted to make my blog URL dorkchops.wordpress.com but it was taken so I added “world” to it because this blog is about everything I personally really love and enjoy! Dorkchops was a name I came up with a few years ago and I’ve always liked it so it’s stuck with me as my online alias!

2. If you could change your name to anything, what would it be and why?
I honestly don’t know. I don’t really like my name but it’s what was given to me so I don’t want to change it at the same time LOL. I feel like I wouldn’t be myself anymore if I changed my name, it’s a part of me! =)

3. If you could go back and give your younger self advice, what would it be and why?
Stop wanting to grow up so badly! >< Childhood is such a precious time. Appreciate how much freedom you have and don’t worry about little things because teenage and adult life is so much more harder and stressful!

4. How old were you when you first learned how to blow a bubblegum bubble?
I was so late on this! I was probably around 10 when I finally figured it out LOL. And even at my age, I can’t whistle. =(

5. What did you want to be when you were little?
I really wanted to be a popstar but I also wanted to be a veterinarian because I really love animals!

6. What do you order at Starbucks?
I never go to Starbucks! I’m a tea person and I prefer to prepare it at home because it’s so much cheaper. =P If I had no choice though, I would probably order a green tea latte.

7. When’s the hardest you’ve ever laughed?
Oh gosh I always laugh so hard LOL. Whenever I’m with my closest friends, I always laugh to the point where my stomach hurts so bad and I feel like I’m getting six pack abs.

8. If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be and why? 
I would play the piano! I love how classic and elegant it is! I also just love the way it sounds.

9. What’s your favourite thing to do when your upset?
I do whatever I can to take my mind off the situation. Usually watching videos help a lot!

10. What’s your favourite movie?
I have a lot but as I’ve mentioned before one of them is definitely Up! =)

11. What’s one food you can’t live without?
CHICKEN! =D Or tofu, I love tofu a lot too.

12. What is your favourite dessert?
I don’t really eat desserts anymore but I would probably say cheesecakes or mudcakes or ice cream! I’m not a fan of sponge cakes and I prefer richer desserts! =) Since I don’t eat them often, I would rather go for something that packs a punch.

13. Favourite pizza topping?
I like classic pepperoni pizza with lots of cheese!

14. Would you rather have the super power to read minds or to become invisible?
Definitely become invisible. It would be so fun to spook people hehe just kidding! But I think it would be useful for when I kind of want to hide away for a little while. As awesome as it would be to be able to read minds, I feel as though I’d find out about a lot of things I would rather not know.

15. What did you do last for your birthday?
My close friend organised a dinner for me with my other friends so we ate at a lovely Italian restaurant! It was a really laid back night and I had a great time!

16. If you could have one personal “selfish” wish, would would it be?
To be able to get any makeup I want for free! LOL that’s a totally selfish wish. >< My collection would be stupidly insane though. D=

17. If you were a pokemon, what would you look like? And what would you be called? 
This is the most fun question ever, I love it! =) Ugh it’s so hard though! I think I would just be called Dorkchopmon HAHAHA that’s so embarrassingly lame. In terms of how I’d look, probably a 3D version of my blog icon!

25 Get To Know Me Questions


I stole this idea from Megan hehe and I thought it would be a really great tag to do because it’s not beauty related so you guys can get to know me on a more personal basis!

1. What is your middle name?
It’s Ming Jen! =) It’s just my Chinese name converted into English haha.

2. What was favourite subject at school?
This may be really weird for some people but it was actually Maths! I liked it because Maths has definite correct answers whereas other subjects are a lot more subjective! I like solving problems. =)

3. What is your favourite drink?
Boring but it’s water! Green tea comes really close though!

4. What is your favourite song at the moment?
I really don’t have one at the moment! I kind of stopped listening to music after it started becoming really EDM. Not that I dislike it, I actually really enjoy that kind of music but it’s not what I choose to listen to on the daily LOL. I miss classic R&B/hip-hop/rap! =( I know I probably just have to really search hard for good music but I miss the times when you didn’t need to!

5. What is your favourite food?
I really enjoy eating healthy so I love assortments of cooked chicken breast. I also love tofu as a main source of protein! My favourite meals are probably salads. (Sorry for being boring! ><)

6. What is the last thing you bought?
I bought lunch yesterday from Sumo Salad! =) I got a medium sized mixed of their pesto chicken and avocado, and pumpkin and beetroot salads! Yum!

7. Favourite book of all time? 
I’ve never been a huge bookworm so I don’t really have a favourite book of all time. I just have books I’ve enjoyed here and there! I would really like to get more into reading though. Please recommend me book! I enjoy thrillers/mystery/crime/sci-fi novels!

8. Favourite colour?
My absolute favourite colour is pink! I specifically really like soft/baby warm pinks.

9. Do you have any pets?
Yes! I have two dogs – an Australian silky terrier named Rambo and a German shepherd named Viva. I also have a lot of fish everywhere LOL – my Dad loves them.

10. Favourite perfume?
I’ve never sampled a lot of perfumes. I tend to stick to one until I completely use it up! The one that I’ve been using for the past 4 years or so is Vera Wang Princess! I should pick up another perfume, I’m desperate for a change!

11. Favourite holiday?
Christmas! =) I don’t really celebrate it (my family just has traditional Christmas dinners) but I just love the spirit during this time. Everyone is always cheerful and it’s the time of giving!

12. Are you married?
Noo, I’m forever alone! =( Haha just kidding but nope not yet! I don’t plan to get married for probably at least another 10 years.

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?
Yes, I have! I think around 5 or 6 times? I’ve travelled around Asia (China/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Korea) and the US/Canada. Europe is definitely next on my list!

14. Do you speak any other language?
I speak fluent English but I can speak some basic Mandarin and Japanese.

15. How many siblings do you have?
Just one older brother! He’s 8 years older than me.

16. What is your favourite shop?
kikki.K! I love all the pastel colours and cuteness in the store!

17. Favourite restaurant?
Oh, this is so hard! I’m not the biggest foodie so I just eat anywhere and everywhere. It’s really hard for me to be disappointed with food, I’m not picky at all. As long as it’s not in the weird food category, I’m good! My favourite cuisine would probably be Japanese though.

18. When was the last time you cried?
Oh wow, I actually remember! I was watching a video about a guy having to euthanise his dog and the emotions were just.. it was so heartbreaking. =( It was the saddest video!

19. Favourite blog?
There’s no way I could pick one!

20. Favourite movie? 
Up! I need to re-watch it now that I mentioned it.

21. Favourite TV shows? 
Of all time, it’s got to be Breaking Bad. I also really enjoyed Gossip Girl, Nikita and Fringe. I’m currently watching/waiting for Pretty Little Liars, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones and How to Get Away with Murder.

22. PC or Mac?
PC for gaming but Mac for everything else! =P

23. What phone do you have?
I have the iPhone 5S. I don’t think I can divert away from Apple anytime soon!

24. How tall are you?
I’m 167cm, which is around 5’5″.

25. Can you cook?
I can cook somewhat! I’m currently in the process of learning how to cook and trying out new recipes every weekend. So far there haven’t been any disasters yayayay LOL.

Everyone should do these questions too! =) I would really love to get to know all of you better!

20 Questions! ♡


So I read Hannah‘s responses to this tag and I thought it would be so fun to do it myself! =) These tags are seriously so so fun! A few of the questions are repeats from the Beauty Questions Tag so I tried to answer them a little differently! =P

Do you remember your first makeup item? 
Honestly, I have NO idea hahaha. I’m assuming that it was one of those really cheap play makeup kits for kids! Actual makeup item though, hmm.. it must have been something from an Easter Showbag!

Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications? 
My perfect mascara would be one that gives me naturally long and voluminous lashes with no clumps! =) If it made my eyelashes look like I had extensions, that would be incredible! I’m not the biggest fan of spidery lashes.

What kind of coverage do you prefer from foundation? 
I prefer medium but buildable coverage foundation! =) I need something that will cover up my acne/scars but isn’t too heavy for everyday!

Favourite high end brand? 
It’s too hard to choose, I love so many for different things! >< A few of my favourites are Too Faced, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder…and so many others!

What cosmetic brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t? 
Right now they would be MAC, Bite Beauty and Lorac!

Favourite drugstore brand? 
I have too many! =( One would have to be Revlon though but the only issue I have with them is they’re not cruelty free! I also really like L’Oreal and Maybelline!

Do you wear fake eyelashes? 
I do but not everyday! I only wear them on special occasions!

Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without? 
My most bare face look would include BB cream, mascara and a lip tint! My skin is the one thing I’m most insecure about because I dislike how uneven my skin tone is but wearing BB cream alone makes me look strange so I need the other 2 products to even it out LOL.

What is your most cherished beauty product? 
Definitely lip products! I change them up the most so I always feel the need to try out more! =)

How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up an item here and there or get lots of goodies at once? 
To be honest, not THAT often I think? I only really go have a look in stores when there are sales on or there are free shipping deals online! =) I generally get lots of goodies at once though!

Do you have a “beauty budget” or you spend freely? 
I have a beauty budget in my mind! I don’t have a specific amount each trip but if I notice that I have way too much in my cart than I really should have then I’ll definitely sort it and only buy things I really really want hehehe.

What type of product do you buy the most of? 
Lip products! They’re easy to switch up everyday!

Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics like parabens or sulfates? 
No, I don’t! Unfortunately I don’t pay attention to them at all. =O

Do you have a favorite place to shop for makeup? 
Myer for high end products and Priceline for drugstore! =) For online purchases, eBay no doubt!

Do you like trying new skincare products or do you keep a certain routine? 
I keep a certain routine until I run out of a product then I will shop around for new things to try! =) I don’t constantly change it up unless I feel that my skin is getting badly affected by a specific product!

Favourite bath and body brand? 
Lush definitely! I really love seeing all the posts on here about their products but sadly, I don’t have one near me! I’m also more of a shower person anyway though hehe.

Do you like multifunctional products like lip and cheek stains? 
I think it’s great if they are multifunctional! =) It means you can just use fewer products and get ready more quickly! I don’t go out to specifically buy them though.

Are you clumsy in putting makeup? 
No, I don’t think I am! I mean there are always days where I may mess up something but for the most part, I always make at least a small effort to make it as neat as I can! =)

Do you ever consider taking makeup classes? 
I don’t think I would ever attend a traditional makeup class but if a celebrity makeup artist or someone amazing was teaching then I would love to go!

What do you love about makeup? 
I love everything about it! =) I love all the colours, textures and looks you can create! I also love how everyone has their own individual approach to it so it’s such an individual and personal thing!

The Beauty Questions Tag ♡


Hey everyone! I really enjoyed doing the last tag I posted and I came across this one so I wanted to do it too! =)

⟣ S k i n c a r e

How many times do you wash your face daily?
Twice a day – once in the morning and once at night!

What skin type do you have?
Oily/combination. It’s extra oily when the weather is hot and humid. =(

What is your current face wash?
Holika Holika Soda Pore BB Deep Cleansing Foam (a review on this will be up later!).

Do you exfoliate?
Sometimes! It really depends on my current skincare routine. I recently finished up my St Ives exfoliating scrubs so I haven’t been exfoliating much.

What moisturiser do you use?
Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (a review on this will be coming too!).

Do you have freckles?
No. I think they are super cute though! =)

Do you use eye cream?
No, I used to. I really should continue to though, it’s something I am on the lookout for!

Did you or do you have acne prone skin?
YES! I still do have acne prone skin and it sucks. =( But it’s definitely a lot better than it was in my adolescent years!

M a k e u p 

What foundation do you use?
I have been using BB cream lately – Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in #23! =) If I do wear foundation then I’ll use Estee Lauder Double Wear.

How about concealer?
I actually rarely use concealer but if I do then I use the Revlon ColorStay Blemish Concealer in Light.

Do you know your undertone colour?
I’m actually kind of mixed depending on the area of my body but I would generally say warm!

What do you think of fake eyelashes?
I LOVE them! I would totally wear them everyday if I could but I’m really bad at applying them and I normally don’t have the time to. I will wear them for special nights though because they really change your entire makeup look and add so much glam! ♡

Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yes! I honestly don’t do that though. I throw them out if they start to smell a little funky or get too dry!

Sephora or MAC?
I actually don’t own any MAC products so I would have to go with Sephora!

What makeup tools do you use for makeup application?
Real Techniques brushes are my favourite! =) I also use some Sigma brushes too.

Do you use a makeup base/primer for the eyes?
Not all the time. If I do then I use the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. That stuff is amazing and mine still hasn’t run out after 3 years! ♡

For the face?
Nope! I have samples that I’ll only use if I want my skin to look extra flawless for a special occasion!

What is your favourite eyeshadow shade?
Pink-browns and shimmery browns/bronzes!

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
I use both! But on a daily basis, liquid eyeliner.

How often do you poke your eyes with a pencil eyeliner?
Hahaha not that often fortunately, I try to be very careful! It does hurt so bad when I do though. =(

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
I like them even though they can be a bit of a mess! =P They give more colour payoff than pressed eyeshadows.

What do you think of mineral makeup?
I’ve never tried any but I’ve heard they’re amazing for people with oily and sensitive skin, especially the foundations!

What is your favourite lipstick?
That question is too hard to answer, there’s too many! =(

Do you like drugstore makeup?
Yes, of course I do! =)

Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?
I felt like I didn’t ever need to after I discovered YouTube! I’m still curious to see what new things I would learn if I ever decide to though!

Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
Hm, I wouldn’t say so! I try to make it look as nice as possible, even if I’m in a rush.

Name a makeup crime that you hate
I think the worst is using the wrong foundation shade (and I’ve totally been there…many times! ><).

Do you like colourful shades or makeup?
Yes, I love colourful makeup! =) I don’t wear much myself though!

Which celebrities always have great makeup?
Kim Kardashian! I don’t look up to her or watch her show but her makeup always looks flawless.

If you could leave the house wearing just one makeup item, what would you choose?
If my skin is good then a lip tint but if my skin is bad then BB cream hehehe. My skin is probably my biggest insecurity! =(

Could you leave the house without putting any makeup on?
Yes! But it honestly doesn’t happen often since if I’m going to be outside, I usually need to look somewhat presentable! I’m admittedly a bit of a hermit hehehe.

In your opinion, what’s the BEST beauty line?
Nooo, I can’t answer that! There are way too many beauty lines that are amazing! ♡

Lastly, what do you think of makeup?
I think that makeup is a creative way to express yourself and it helps so many people out there feel more confident and happy in their own skin! =) It’s also just so fun, there are no limits to it!

I hope you liked this, tags are always so fun hehe! Just like before, I tag everyone reading to do this! ♡