Review: Missha Jewel Star Eyes in 05 Pecan Pie & 06 Lovely Chocolate


I have been absolutely loving cream eyeshadows lately and I thought I would do a review on these ones by Missha! =) The packaging is quite standard. They come in a glass container with a black screw top lip. Each come with 25 grams of product, which is a large amount considering how little is needed to achieve great pigmentation. The texture is quite interesting, they’re quite hard but are soft to the touch at the same time. They do not feel creamy at all though!


Left: 05 Pecan Pie; Right: 06 Lovely Chocolate

Both of the shades swatch beautifully and are highly pigmented. They also both have a significant amount of glitter in them so if you don’t enjoy glittery eyeshadows then these would not be for you! Pecan Pie is a medium golden brown with gold glitter and Lovely Chocolate is a deep chocolate with silver glitter.


Applied 06 Lovely Chocolate all over the lids as a simple one eyeshadow look

Lovely Chocolate applies really evenly and easily. I just use my fingers to apply these! The colour is buildable and layers really well. However, I find that Pecan Pie just leaves glitter on the eyelids. It doesn’t appear on your eyes as it does in the hand swatch. It is still pretty (considering I do like glitter) but I know that it is a shade a lot of people would be disappointed with. They also do not last the entire day but this might be because I have oily lids so it’s difficult to come across products that don’t crease on me without a primer!

Overall, these can be a hit or miss in terms of performance. I haven’t tried the other shades but considering that the two I have perform quite differently, I can only assume that the other shades would be inconsistent as well. I will continue to use these as a base because they do work well for that purpose! However, they do not last all day by themselves. If you do have drier eyelids then I do not think you will have an issue with these. =)


♡ Great colour payoff

♡ Large amount of product

♡ Works great as an eyeshadow base


♡ Does not last all day

♡ Application of colours inconsistent


♡ FOTD: Dad’s Birthday!

My Dad celebrated his 60th birthday on the 15th of March and we had a family outing that day (you can see the haul I posted up yesterday here)! =) We went shopping then had a really nice Korean BBQ buffet so I wanted to wear some makeup that would be a little extra glam and last me all day!


Products used:

♡ Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream (Review)
♡ Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light
♡ NARS Sex Fantasy Blush (from the Virtual Domination Palette)
♡ Too Faced Candlelight Highlighting Powder
♡ L’Oreal Paris BrowArtist Plumper in Dark Brunette (Review)
♡ Maybelline Eye Studio Hyper Diamonds Eyeshadow in Hyper Bronze
♡ Maybelline Expert Eyewear Shadow Quad in Natural Smokes
♡ Maybelline Volum’ Express Mega Plush Mascara
♡ NYX Butter Gloss in Sugar Cookie

⟣ F a c e

I’m planning on doing an overview of the NARS Virtual Domination Palette! =) It’s the first and only NARS makeup item I own. I wanted to use a more subtle blush because my eyes were on the heavier side so I applied Sex Fantasy, which is a pale cool-toned pink shade.

E y e s ⟢

FOTD7EyeshadowI did a more warm-toned coppery eye look, which I don’t do often but I think copper is such a beautiful colour on the eyes. I think it especially makes blue eyes pop! I forgot to take a close-up photo of my eye makeup so I took a picture of the palette I used so you can see the colours more clearly!

I used the left copper shade in the crease then applied the top medium brown shade on the outer and inner corners. I also used the same shade along the outer and inner lower lash line. Lastly from this palette, I applied the middle cream-toned shade onto the eyelids to brighten up the eyes and on the middle of my lower lash line as well. I wanted more definition on my lash line so I used the liner shade from the Expert Eyewear Quad in Natural Smokes across the upper lash line. I finished the eye look with my Mega Plush mascara to lengthen my lashes. (Wow, just realised I was using all Maybelline for my whole eye makeup LOL)

⟣ L i p s

I’m wearing my favourite NYX Butter Gloss in “Sugar Cookie” (thus far!). It’s a lovely brighter pink shade with purple undertones. Unfortunately it’s not showing up true to colour in the photo because of the lighting but I love it for when I’m wearing minimal makeup! It adds overall brightness to the face but it also looks great with a more glam eye makeup look too!

I hope you enjoyed my makeup look from my Dad’s birthday! It’s more of a glam look compared to my other FOTDs but I wanted to share it because it’s a nice change from my more natural/neutral looks. Have a lovely day! ♡ =)

Review: Missha Procure Intensive Repairing Treatment

I’ve never tried any Korean haircare products and I came across this whilst I was shopping for other Korean makeup products. I rarely switch up my hair products because I feel that for the most part, they all do a decent enough job in keeping my hair relatively healthy enough haha. However, I read that this Missha hair treatment outperformed other more expensive, high-end hair treatments and it was only around $12 so I knew I wanted to try it and see if I would also achieve outstanding results.


The hair treatment is a very thick gel and requires a decent amount of pressure to get product out but I don’t particularly mind this because it means that I won’t be wasting any! =) I found that a fairly small glob was enough to cover my entire hair and this is saying a lot because I have very thick long hair! I was expecting that I may have needed at least twice the amount I actually applied.

After I came out of the shower and my hair had been air-dried, it felt so soft and silky especially the ends of my hair, which usually feel very brittle and dry (because of colour damage)! This hair treatment made the ends of my hair feel identical to the hair on my crown and near my roots! I’ve never had a hair product make such a dramatic difference after one use! It’s not a product that will cover up split ends though unfortunately, but it completely changes the feeling of them!

This product has really opened my eyes to Korean haircare products because it really compares to my Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque (which is about double the price! =O) and I am interested in trying other things with high expectations!

I would love to know your suggestions!


♡ Leaves hair feeling soft and silky

♡ Applies evenly and easily

♡ Nourishing


♡ Can be difficult to get product out


♡ FOTD: Winged Eyeliner & Brighter Lips

Today’s look was focused more on the lips with a bit of a brighter lip! =) I’m a huge eyeliner person, I feel as though my makeup isn’t fully complete without it so I kept the eyes really neutral today with a soft winged eyeliner!


Products used:

♡ Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream (Review)
♡ Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light
♡ Benefit Dandelion Blush
♡ Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown
♡ 3CE One Color Shadow in Gold Luster (Review)
♡ Too Faced Natural At Night Palette
♡ Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Sepia Ink
♡ L’Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara
♡ Skinfood Tomato Jelly Lip Tint in #1 Cherry Tomato

⟣ F a c e

I really don’t need to say much about my base and powder! I use them absolutely everyday without fail! =P I’ve also provided the link to my full review on my everyday BB cream above so check it out if you’re curious to know my thoughts!

Benefit’s Dandelion is a really pale pink blush and it’s one I turn to when I want something very very natural. It adds the most subtle flush of colour and it’s one of those blushes that is perfect for when the rest of your makeup is a little heavy or bright.

E y e s ⟢


The eyeshadows I used for today’s look was really basic (and kind of boring =P). I wanted to just throw something on quickly to add really subtle and soft definition.

I used the 3CE eyeshadow (Review) and I grabbed the first palette I saw to add some slight definition into the crease. I ended up picking up the Too Faced Natural At Night and used the shade called “Nightcap” to lightly add some warmth to my crease.

I’m back to using my gel liner! I’ve been alternating between my Clio pen liner and the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. I actually find it a lot easier and quicker to do gel eyeliner so it’s perfect for days like today where I want to just throw something on quickly!

For my brows, I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil instead of their powder because I wanted a nice change! =) My brows are definitely sparse in some areas (especially my right eyebrow) so I feel that a pencil is perfect for drawing in fine eyebrow hairs to make them look more full and even!

⟣ L i p s

The lip tint I used today was one that I forgot I even had! I remember I used to use it all the time when I first purchased it but then I got too sucked into buying and using other lip products. This lip tint is a bright reddish pink shade that has specks of silver glitters in it. It can have a slight gritty feel but it’s not something I am majorly fussed about. They rub off once you eat something. I think this particular lipstick shade is great for brightening up the entire face and adding a pop of colour! I might end up doing a full review on it but a lot of the writing has come off the packaging from when I used to use it a lot so it’s not going to photograph nicely! =(

Review: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in #23 Natural Beige

This is the first full review on a product from last week’s haul and it’s on Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream (this one’s especially for you Harriet)! Right off the bat, I can say that this is the best BB cream I have tried thus far and I have a feeling that it’ll be a very tough one to beat!

Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream contains a handful of ingredients that are supposed to help care for your skin while also acting as a foundation, providing excellent coverage to hide blemishes and even out hyper-pigmentation. It also contains SPF 42 PA +++, which is incredible and means that it’s not necessary to apply separate sun protection before makeup application! The active ingredients in the BB cream as listed in the official website and their effects include:

  • Camomile extract | Anti-inflammation and soothing properties
  • Rosemary extract | Prevents aging of skin
  • Ceramide | Long-lasting moisture
  • Hyaluronic acid | Protection from bacteria and irritation
  • Gatulic RC | Promotes metabolism and energy for firming and moisture

This really is quite an extensive list of ingredients that shows that while this BB cream acts as a base, it is also actively looking after your skin throughout the day! I think this is really phenomenal. =) Makeup can be good for your skin too!


Another thing that I absolutely love about this BB cream is the packaging. It has a pump, which makes it really convenient to get the exact amount of product you need for your entire face. I find that if I want medium coverage, 3/4 of a pump is enough for my entire face but if my skin is a little more blemish prone on a particular day then the last 1/4 of a pump is enough to provide a flawless base. It does a phenomenal job in evening out my skin by cancelling out the redness and covering up all my blemishes as well as my darker acne scars. I really haven’t tried a BB cream that acts so much like a foundation in terms of its coverage, they normally provide sheer to slightly buildable coverage.


Left: Pump, which is small enough to not dispense too much product at once; Right: hand swatch – you can see that it’s definitely more of a skin tone shade rather than being too ashy/grey!

This BB cream has a spectacular selection of shades. Unlike other BB creams, Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream offers 5 shades in total and covers individuals with tanned skin. For me, shade #23 is exactly a perfect match. It takes around 5 minutes for the shade to reduce its slight grey tone and adjust to my natural warmer skin.


Left: bare face; Middle: straight after applying BB cream; Right: 10 minutes later (after applying the rest of my eye makeup)

I can easily and quickly use my fingers to blend the BB cream into my skin and it looks flawless, no brushes needed! My skin looks very smooth and oil-free right after application, giving my skin a naturally dewy finish. It also does not feel heavy on the skin at all and I barely notice that I am even wearing makeup. The amazing thing is that the BB cream manages to maintain this for practically the whole day! I get very minimal oil by the end of the day – it is A LOT less than what I typically get using other ordinary foundations and BB creams. Considering how lightweight the BB cream, how it manages to do this completely blows me away.

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this BB cream. Especially if you have oily and acne-prone skin. It does not cake up when you layer it and it makes your skin look as perfect and smooth as it can be! Furthermore, it contains so many great ingredients that it’s actually good for your skin! It’s a big winner in my book. =)


♡ Great colour range for BB cream standards

♡ Medium to buildable coverage

♡ Controls oil and sebum production

♡ Combines skincare ingredients

♡ Long lasting

♡ Fairly inexpensive




♡ FOTD: Natural Feminine Pink Look

Another FOTD post today! It was fun writing up the last one so I wanted to do another one! =) Today’s look is more pink toned and I feel that it is a very feminine and pretty look! I’m also using the Naked 3 Palette for the look, which I think is absolutely perfect for people who enjoy wearing pinky shades on the eyes.


Products used:

♡ Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream (Review)
♡ Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light
♡ NARS Sex Fantasy Blush (from the Virtual Domination Palette)
♡ NARS Miss Liberty Highlighter (from the Virtual Domination Palette)
♡ Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Medium Brown
♡ Jill Stuart Sugar Glitter Eyes in 04 Framboise Sugar (Review)
♡ Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
♡ Clio Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Brown
♡ Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
♡ Holika Holika Aqua Jelly Colour Change CC Tint in 03 CC Pink (Review)

⟣ F a c e

I’ve been testing out the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream for the past few days and so far I am really loving it but I will be posting up a full review in the coming week or two! My first impression is that it suits my skin tone absolutely perfectly after settling in for a few minutes (I was totally scared it wouldn’t considering BB creams tend to lean on the pale side) and it really does have great coverage. (Full review)

The NARS Virtual Domination Palette was another one of my favourite purchases last year. Although it seems expensive at first, once you break down the prices it is absolutely worth it! It’s also the first NARS product I have ever owned. Sex Fantasy (ugh the raunchy names are a tad awkward haha -_-) is a beautiful soft, cool toned pink shade. I thought it would look weird on my warmer skin but it’s actually really beautiful and looks really natural! =) The highlighter on the other hand is literally specks of glitter and I feel that most people will not like it at all.

E y e s ⟢


Eyebrow game so not on point. =( Haha, I’ve been trying to grow them out, especially near the ends because my eyebrows are uneven but they look so bushy hahaha. I really do love the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo though, it makes it really easy and fast for me to just fill in my eyebrows a little bit in the mornings to make them more symmetrical and put together! I use the lighter shade mostly but if I’m in the mood then I will fill in the ends of my brows with the darker shade.

I used the Naked 3 Palette today and I have been really enjoying it so much. Sometimes it gets a little boring to always use neutral browns in my makeup looks and pink is a nice transition to make it a little more interesting, yet it is also very wearable and pretty. For the look I used:

♡ “Limit” all over the lids using the brush in the palette
♡ “Nooner” in the crease using a fluffy crease brush
♡ “Darkside” in the outer corners and lower lash line using a pencil brush

➳ Jill Stuart Sugar Glitter Eyes (Review)! Clio Eyeliner review is coming soon!

⟣ L i p s

➳ Holika Holika Aqua Jelly Colour Change CC Tint (Review).

I’ve been testing out many of the products I hauled a few days ago so there are many reviews coming up shortly! Hope you look forward to reading them!

Review: Missha The Style Silky Shadow Duo in 08 Rose Tree and 13 Natural Heaven

Today’s review is on Missha’s The Style Silky Shadow Duos. They come in a small black pan inside a plastic container. This is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of these eyeshadows. The packaging just seems a bit tacky to me! =( I think the purpose is so you can depot them and put them in a separate palette but for someone like me, I am too lazy to go through that struggle. I was also expecting that they could at least stack up together somehow but they don’t so it’s hard for me to store them neatly. The packaging is also all in Korean so I had to use Google to translate the shade names! =P



The eyeshadow range is really limited, with a strong focus on neutrals and basics. In fact, a lot of the colours look the same. Even in my pictures, you can barely see a difference. 08 Rose Tree has a pale pink and a medium golden-brown shade, and 13 Natural Heaven has a pale yellow toned brown and a medium purple taupe shade. When swatched on the hands, 08 seems to have greater pigmentation but it is actually in fact harder to blend and apply on the eyes in comparison to 13. Surprisingly, the eyeshadows are soft to the touch and swatch sheer but are both very buildable. I don’t think they are anything spectacular because you need to apply multiple layers for it to show up and it is very powdery, especially when you use softer fluffy brushes.


Applied 13 Natural Heaven for a very basic and natural eye look

I don’t absolutely dislike these eyeshadow duos, they are quite decent for the price and I have no major issues with creasing but they are just so small and in dull packaging that I forget I have them! I feel that they are definitely not a must-have and you can skip out on them. There are a lot of better quality eyeshadows with better pigmentation out there in the Korean beauty market!


♡ Very compact so it is easily portable

♡ Sheer but buildable pigmentation

♡ Affordable


♡ Powdery

♡ Need multiple layers to get decent colour pay off

♡ Packaging is quite boring and cheap looking =(


Review: Missha Tinted Jelly Lips in Happy Pink, Fresh Mango & Swan Pink

I have the biggest obsession with Korean lip products. They’re just so affordable and they have so many to choose from. There are 5 shades in Missha’s Tinted Jelly Lips range and today I will be reviewing 3 of them. Happy Pink is a vibrant raspberry pink-red colour, Fresh Mango is a bright medium orange colour and Swan Pink is a cool-toned pale pink colour. The other 2 shades are Pure Red and Sunny Coral.


The packaging is quite unique. The product comes in a squeeze tube with a brush tip applicator. Normally you find products that are either in a squeeze tube or in a plastic tube and an applicator, but Missha combined both of these into one! It is a little difficult to figure out how much pressure you need to apply at first to get the product and in the first few tries, I had to press quite hard to get any product out at all. I still have trouble getting product out sometimes so I do not really like the packaging much. The brush is nice though, it makes it really easy to apply product evenly and allows you to line your lips perfectly.


The product really does make your lips look like jelly, which I quite like! It makes your lips look so moisturised and pouty. It has a glossy consistency, which is different to other standard lip tints that are more watery. Because it is a shiny gloss, it wears off after about an hour without eating/drinking and leaves behind a nicely pigmented tinted sheen. At this point, it does feel a little bit tacky on the lips. After eating and drinking, there is not much of a stain with Swan Pink and Fresh Mango but Happy Pink leaves behind a nice pink stain. Even after I had a shower, I still had a bright pink stain on my lips! This is common for brighter/darker lip tints though and not as common in lighter colours so if you do pick up the lighter shades, you might have to reapply.


The gloss disappears but the colour is still vivid

The only thing that really lets me down is the packaging. It’s tedious to have to squeeze out the product when it doesn’t always cooperate so it can take quite a long time to get the right amount out.


♡ Moisturising on the lips

♡ Makes the lips look pouty and pretty

♡ Applies evenly and lines lips perfectly

♡ Stains relatively well

♡ Inexpensive


♡ Packaging – hard to squeeze product out sometimes

♡ Limited colour range