3 Day “Post A Quote” Challenge [Part 2]


Welcome to the second day of this challenge! I would also like to thank Stephy for tagging me to do this challenge! I hope you all enjoyed my first quote, here’s my next one:

A sad thing in life is that sometimes you meet someone who means a lot to you, only to find out in the end it was never bound to be, and you just have to let go.

I tag ImagineNewDesignsThe College Blogger and ThePinkImpact!

27 thoughts on “3 Day “Post A Quote” Challenge [Part 2]

  1. imaginenewdesigns12 says:

    Thank you for liking “Otherworldly” and “Red Geraniums.” Yes, I think this is a sad but true quote too. It made me think of a good friend I had in grade school. Even though we moved away to different places, we still managed to keep in touch through high school and then until we were young adults. After that, we went our separate ways. This was not because we were angry with each other. I think it was because we outgrew each other. We both changed over the years, and we did not have much in common anymore.

    I see you tagged me for this challenge! 🙂 This one I think I can manage to do, but it may take awhile before I do it because I have some other things to do first.


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