Beginner Makeup Series: Foundation

BeginnerMakeupSeriesHeaderPart 1 | F O U N D A T I O N

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever series on my blog! =) I thought it would be a great idea to do a series on beginner makeup to help those of you who are maybe new to makeup or are just looking for more tips and tricks. Today I’ll be starting off with foundation as the first instalment of face makeup and then I’ll be working my way through cheeks, eyes and lips!

Foundation is definitely something that most people do not get right at the very beginning without the help of someone else, myself included, so I thought it would the best to begin with! There are so many different factors to take into consideration when picking out a foundation so I’ll be sharing different pieces of advice on how to pick the perfect one for you.


This is the first thing that people will look for when selecting a foundation because it’s so important to pick one that is the right shade for you. Everyone’s skin tone varies throughout the body so it can be quite difficult to work out what shade will work best for you especially when you are under artificial lighting, which can change the look of your natural tone!

♡ Work out your underlying skin tone. A good way to test this is to look at your veins on your wrist! If they have a blue hue to them, your skin has a cool undertone so it will be more on the pinker side. If they are green, then you have a warm undertone and you will have more yellow or olive pigments in your skin. If it is in between then you have a neutral undertone, where you don’t lean more on one side but you’re just in the middle. It’s not enough to get the right darkness in a foundation but to pick up one with the right undertone so that it will match you perfectly!


Another important factor to look into is your skin type! Do you have dry, oily or combination skin? Do you prefer a matte or dewy finish? Do you have acne or breakouts? Do you have aging skin? All of these questions are really important to take note of when picking out a new foundation.

♡ If you have oily skin, go for a foundation that has a more matte finish to it so that it will keep oil and sebum at bay throughout the day. If you have drier skin, go for a more dewy or moisturising foundation so that it will not pick up any dry spots on your face!

♡ If you have acne prone skin then you would definitely be eyeing a foundation with fuller coverage. If your skin is more on the clear side, opt for something that has light to medium coverage. However, also remember that foundations are buildable so even if you do have acne prone skin, there is always concealer that you can use to cover up any blemishes that your foundation doesn’t!


♡ Always use a tester or sample! Most of the time, your hands are not the same colour as your face so definitely test out a foundation on your jawline to find the perfect match. A sample would be the most ideal because you will not be in contact with any germs or bacteria build up in a tester bottle, and you will also be able to take a proper look at the foundation under natural lighting at home.

♡ Sometimes a foundation works well with a particular brush and doesn’t work well with another so definitely give different application techniques a try before you completely mark one off your list.

I hope you all liked the first part of my new series! I will be progressively uploading these as my schedule allows so I hope you look forward to them. I’d love to know your feedback and whether you agree with the tips I’ve shared too! If you have anything to add, I’d love to know and I’ll definitely update my post to give you credit! I think it would be amazing to expand these posts so that they will be helpful for everyone. =)


111 thoughts on “Beginner Makeup Series: Foundation

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      • missinf0rmati0n says:

        a big amount of money if it is a branded make-up. for acidic makeup users like me, trying out a product for the whole day means so much since it also means that I have to checkup if it will become darker after hours. 💸


  2. RCubed says:

    Those tips are spot on! I can also add that if you happen to be inside a Sephora store, you can take advantage of their service called Color IQ. They use a specialized camera on different parts of your face, and your shade is matched to one of several colors in their database. You can even customize the type of foundation you want for your match (e.g. powder, liquid, cream, etc.).

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    • Dorkchops says:

      Thank you so much! 😀 You’re lucky you are comfortable with a lightweight base, I totally would do the same if I had nicer skin! 😛 Thank you for commenting! ❤ x


  3. naushilmehta says:

    I wish my blog was as popular as yours.Maybe I need to make it as interesting and entertaining as yours.
    Thank you very much for liking my post again Jen.
    I wish you the best.


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