May Wishlist ✮


Hi everyone! Mother’s Day was yesterday for me but I know that it’s today for a lot of you so I’m wishing all of you and your mother a lovely Mother’s Day!

Today I’m going to do a post on a few of the items I’m eyeing for this month! I rarely ever end up purchasing the items in my wishlist LOL but I still find it so fun to put these kind of posts together nevertheless! =P

① L a n e  C r a w f o r d  ‘ M a t i l d e ‘  C r i s s c r o s s  S t r a p  S u e d e  P u m p s


I’m in love with how classy these shoes look! I feel like they would be appropriate for so many different purposes and occasions, plus they would suit so many different outfits too!

② N A R S  I t a  B r u s h


I really want to get more into contouring and I have heard so many great things about this brush. I feel as though it’d make contouring so much more easier and faster to do! The only thing is how ridiculously expensive it is! =(

③ T h e  B a l m  M a r y – L o u  M a n i z e r


Another product that gets talked about so so much! I have been using the same highlighter for the longest time and I feel like now is the time to try something new! I have literally not heard anything bad about this highlighter, everyone seems to be in love with it! It’s definitely one that I am going to look into next!

④ K a t e  S p a d e  C l a s s i c  N y l o n  D a v e n e y  L a p t o p  B a g


It’s always a struggle for me to try and find cute bags that can fit my laptop! My backpack is starting to get a little too small for me and I’m having issues with the zipper when I’m carrying a bit too much. I think this bag will be absolutely perfect because it has a special compartment just for your laptop, with more room to spare for other essential items! =)

I hope you liked my wishlist for this month! I find putting together wishlists so much fun to do even if I don’t end up purchasing the items! =P What are you hoping to pick up this month?

127 thoughts on “May Wishlist ✮

      • imaginenewdesigns12 says:

        Yes, I agree. The shiny metallic purses I saw last year and the mint green and tropical pink purses I am seeing this year do not appeal to me. I also see quite a few purses with chains, rhinestones, and other decorations that I don’t like. I will keep on searching, and hopefully I will find something in between the cheap, flimsy purses and the expensive high-end designer handbags.


      • Dorkchops says:

        I’m not a fan of purses that are too out there too! I always stick to the classic and timeless ones! Best of luck in your search, I’m sure you will find the perfect one very soon! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • imaginenewdesigns12 says:

        Yes, I like classic and timeless styles too! 🙂 They are so versatile.

        Thank you for wishing me luck in my purse search. 🙂 I have some purses that I can use for now, so I can take my time to shop for one that I really like. I am glad that I do not have an urgent need to buy a purse because the selection of purses that I am seeing in stores and online is disappointing.


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