Review: L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Kajal Eyeliner in 501 Oriental Black

Today I will be reviewing this huge eyeliner from L’Oreal! =P This eyeliner was also a part of the same trial team package that came with the L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascaras by Beautyheaven. What really shocked me the most was that the pencil was a lot more larger than a typical pencil eyeliner.

This eyeliner is advertised as being “highly pigmented” and being designed to “create easy smokey eyes“. It has a “unique cone-shaped tip for easy application” and an “ultra-creamy formula for an effortless glide“. The liner is claimed to be “smudge, crease and fade resistant” and contains a “high concentration of ultra-black pigments for a deep shade of black“.


I really enjoy the shape of the pencil. It is very large but tapered to a perfect sized point to precisely line your upper eyelids as well as pack on colour onto the waterline. I like to use the pencil on its side to gradually build up the eyeliner and it provides a lot more precision.


The eyeliner is highly pigmented but because it is very creamy, it tends to smudge. If you have oily lids, be prepared for it to transfer especially if you have hooded eyelids!


Applied just as an eyeliner on both the upper lash line and waterline

This eyeliner really is very creamy and easy to apply on the waterline. It literally takes no effort at all for it to deliver as a highly pigmented black liner. I also think that it can be used quite nicely as a base for a smokey eye if blended out with a pencil brush but I think it would look better with some eyeshadows applied on top.


♡ Very creamy

♡ Easy to apply on the waterline

♡ Cone-shaped tip makes for very easy application

♡ Great pigmentation


♡ Requires sharpening

♡ Can sometimes apply unevenly on the eyelids

♡ Not smudge proof (especially on oily eyelids)


75 thoughts on “Review: L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Kajal Eyeliner in 501 Oriental Black

    • Dorkchops says:

      Yes I’ve heard so much about their liquid eyeliner too but I haven’t tried it yet! :O I know right? They always break on me too. 😦 And then I have to keep sharpening it and I end up wasting half the entire product LOL.

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  1. Inese Poga Art Gallery says:

    I haven’t found any pencil which can be sharpened nicely. It’s too bad that they do not use proper wood for such pencils. I have to agree, the sharpening part doesn’t work, but that’s an issue with pencils of any brand. I personally love many L’Oreal products, I think they are the best of cheaper stuff, I’ve been using them for probably as long as they were distributed to other countries. 20 years? Longer? Maybe.

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    • Dorkchops says:

      Yes, I know! It’s such a shame because it’s important to get our money’s worth! Sharpening just wastes too much product. 😦 I love L’Oreal too, I haven’t been incredibly disappointed with anything I’ve tried. 🙂 Wow, that’s a long time! It’s amazing how much success they’ve had for that long! 😀


  2. Mea says:

    I got excited for a second but then you said it smudges on oil lips 😦 I need to find myself the perfect eye liners. great review as always 🙂


  3. faiza_beyoutiful says:

    I’ve seen this but it just looks too large to work with! I will have to give it a try. On my wish list is the Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner. I’ve heard it’s really creamy and easy to apply on the tightline. Have you tried it? ❤ Love the review, btw! 🙂

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    • Dorkchops says:

      It really is huge LOL. But it’s not too bad to work with at the moment because the point is still fairly sharp! 😀 And I haven’t tried it yet but UD launched here in Aus recently so I can check it out hehe. Thank you so much! ❤


  4. Jennifer King says:

    I’m with few other posters on this. I tend towards smaller pencils because it gives me the impression that I have better control of what I’m doing. Did you find this difficult to apply with such a wide tip? Thanks for the review! ♥

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    • Dorkchops says:

      Yes, me too! I tend to go for smaller, retractable liners but this surprisingly wasn’t hard to work with at all! 🙂 But I suppose once it starts wearing down, it would be! 😦 Hehe you’re very welcome Jennifer! ❤


  5. soyfleur says:

    Your blog is so fabulous! I don’t actually time to make up for keep watching or running after my kid. But I used to buy nice cosmetic. It’s easy to find the loreal cosmetic in france so I’m very pleased to read this review. Thank you. I’ll stop by a shop to buy it. It looks so great.

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    • Dorkchops says:

      Thank you so much! I always hear that but that’s lovely that you used to use a lot of L’Oreal before! I love the brand. 😀 You’re welcome! I hope you like the product!


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