Review: I Want Shining Crystal Lip Tint (Memebox)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! (It was yesterday for me but I know a lot of you are on the other side of the world so I thought I would post it hehehe).

This is one of the two things I purchased off Memebox before they decided to stop doing international shipping to Australia! =( I was so devastated to hear the news, I never got the chance to actually purchase one of their value deal boxes! I guess I should be glad I at least picked up a few minor items before the change.

This lip gloss is another product that has colour changing technology, creating a unique colour on everyone depending on the temperature of your lips! It also promises to last all day with no transfer. I am always curious to test out the lasting power of lip tints because I want to know if they truly do last the whole day like they claim to.

I Want Shining Crystal Lip Tint is translucent pink in the tube and applies clear onto the lips initially. A few seconds later, it will begin to transform into a pinker shade and then may darken up even further according to your lip temperature. It is definitely on the watery side, although I was expecting it to be similar to a gel in consistency but it feels moisturising on the lips without feeling sticky.


Standard squeeze tube packaging

The lip gloss itself is quite runny and I find that sometimes when I open it, it can spurt out some product when I haven’t pressed on it at all. This is a part of the packaging that frustrates me sometimes. =( I’m not even sure why it does this when I store it in a cool, dry place! You need to be careful when you open it so it doesn’t randomly spill out a lot of product!


Left: Straight from the tube; Right: Slightly blended out (it was already beginning to change colour because my fingers and hands were warm haha)


Top Left: Bare lips; Top Right: In the middle of transition
Bottom Left: After settling; Bottom Right: Applied a little more to build up the colour

On me, the lip gloss turns into a vibrant hot pink the more I apply. It’s a beautiful shade of pink but it’s a little too bright for my liking for everyday use, especially since I was hoping to be able to use this for university when I start the semester (no reapplication necessary!). Unfortunately, the pictures I took aren’t really picking up how bright the colour is in the sunlight! The thing is that you never really know what colour it will change to on a particular day and it’s so hard to take off! I remember the first time I used this I accidentally applied way too much and my lips were TOO bright and it just wouldn’t come off hahaha. The gloss came off but the stain was still very much present.


Left: Transfer test – the gloss comes off and a little hint of colour; Right: Aftermath! The stain remains after the gloss is gone

It gives a very glossy finish when you first apply it but it will begin to gradually wear off throughout the day and leave a matte pink stain. When you eat or drink, the gloss layer disappears but the colour is still very much present. It does not come off and stains beautifully! It’s not incredibly uneven or patchy, which is amazing. =)


♡ Incredibly long lasting

♡ Does not transfer

♡ Unique colour on everyone

♡ Comfortable to wear


♡ Spurts out product when opened sometimes

♡ Colour change is always different



37 thoughts on “Review: I Want Shining Crystal Lip Tint (Memebox)

  1. alexandrarumell says:

    There is a lipstick sold at the Big E fair in Massachusetts, that lasts all day and changes color depending on your temperature. They sell it in shades of pink and red. I have a tube and will send you a picture of how it looks. It’s called 8 hour lipstick. Unfortunately, I can not find the website for them, because Google is so inundated with “8 hour lipstick” search terms for Maybelline, etc. These people at the fair have run their “8 hour lipstick” stand for over 20 years! Can you believe that?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kylovelie says:

    Honestly I need this in my life. I usually wear a gloss to school but I don’t want to carry and have to keep reapplying because I am busy but I could apply this and be good until lunch. Thanks for sharing! So glad I just found your blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. missxpris says:

    I was just on the memebox website the other day and was wondering if I should or shouldn’t get a set just because it had free shipping.. Shame that with the sets you don’t always exactly want everything! I didn’t end up getting on at all.. but I do really want to Pony x Memebox eyeshadow pallette! (p.s, i love the pink on you! It’s very natural and pretty!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dorkchops says:

      Yeah! I picked up items that had free shipping on offer hehe. I hate paying extra for things (LOL I’m so Asian). That’s true though! Most of the time with sets, you don’t end up using half the products! Most of the Memeboxes seem quite great though! Ohh I was so tempted to pick up all of Pony’s things! ❤ Thank you so much! ^^


      • missxpris says:

        LOL we all have that asian cheapness inside us!! Free shipping is just so goooood! Yeah they do look really good! I just wasn’t sure if it would fit my budget for the week so I put it off 😥 I love pony Eeep so her stuff I do want! No worries darl x

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dorkchops says:

        LOL right!? 😛 I always just wait for free shipping because I want to avoid paying for it! >< Me toooo! I didn't want to spend too much so I only picked up small things! Did you know they stopped shipping to Australia (international altogether except for US, Korea and China or something along those lines) about a week ago? I'm so sad! 😦 😦
        Hehe I love Pony so much as well! ❤ ❤ Love her videos!


      • missxpris says:

        YEAP! Free shipping is the best!! Aw I didn’t know until I read your post 😦 that sucks! Now it’s more expensive to get Korean make up from a reputable source! I know! She’s so good at everything she does! *_*

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dorkchops says:

        Hehe yessss! I know! I was so disappointed! 😦 Hopefully they’ll bring it back sometime soon, I still wanted to try some other things! Yeah, it’s difficult! I just use eBay and I haven’t had any issues so far! I just make sure that the seller ships from Korea! 🙂 🙂
        So trueee! I swear her makeup skills are crazy good! ❤


    • Dorkchops says:

      You should try this one! 😀 It’s only a gloss initially but it wears off to a stain! 🙂 Memebox is a great website to test out Korean products! They have value sets so you can test out a variety of products at once! Unfortunately they stopped international shipping so you can only get them now if you live in the US, Korea or China! :O ❤ ❤


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