Review: Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick in #3 Cream Coral

Another product I saw in one of Pony’s makeup tutorials was this Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick. She used the shade #3 in Cream Coral and it looked like such a beautiful, wearable everyday colour so I decided to pick it up. It is one of the 3 shades that the company recommends. #9 Blueberry Burgundy is another very popular shade in this collection and I think people who enjoy darker lip shades will enjoy that one a lot!

This particular range of lipsticks is advertised as having a “sparkling high glossy gel base to fill in lips’ for volume“, “cover the lips softly and keep long lasting colour“, “moisturise dry lips by relieving dead cells” and “help express lovely, moist and even deep coloured lips“. It has a decent range of shades, covering nudes, pinks, reds and even a deeper purple as I mentioned! They have camellia oil, otherwise known as tea seed oil infused inside. It is supposed to enhance moisture and soften the lips!


The lipstick comes in a white plastic case. Just like other regular lipsticks, it has a twist-up application and a flatter bullet shape for easy application. The only thing is that although it is slighter longer than a regular lipstick, it contains a lesser amount of product (3.5 grams).


The lipstick is so creamy and easy to apply. It feels really moisturising and the colour payoff is great. Without eating or drinking, the lipstick is quite long lasting. The glossiness does wear off throughout the day but it leaves the lips with a semi-matte finish with a lot of colour still remaining.


I really love this lipstick shade. It’s the perfect colour for the current summer season. I reach for it quite often and it’s easy to put on because it matches a large range of makeup looks. It is a great everyday shade that has a lovely coral twist to it.


♡ Very creamy formula

♡ Long lasting

♡ Buildable pigmentation

♡ Decent colour range


♡ A little on the expensive side


24 thoughts on “Review: Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick in #3 Cream Coral

  1. myladiez says:

    I almost picked up this when shopping online, but decided to go with another brand instead. Thank you for this review, their color range appeals me a lot! Where did you get it? I get my Korean cosmetics via

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