Review: Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in #11 Peach Choux Wafers

As promised, this is the review on Etude House’s ever so popular Lovely Cookie Blushers! The particular shade I’m reviewing is #11 Peach Choux Wafers, which is undeniably a matte light peachy pink shade! It is one of the newer shades that came out after the original collection was released.


The packaging is one of my favourite things about this blush. It is so cute! The powder puff with the bow is the cutest ever. Even though I like to use my own makeup brushes, I will always keep the puff inside just because it is so adorable. The shade names are also all named after sweets, which is again, super adorable. I’m just in love with the concept of this collection. =)


Unfortunately, the pigmentation of this blush is not that great. In the swatches above, I had to dip my finger in the product so many times for it to show up. I have read that the blush shades are hit or miss so I assume that I picked up one of the shades that don’t perform as well. I will still use it for days where I want something very subtle on the cheeks such as on no makeup-makeup days or when the rest of my makeup is a bit on the heavy side. I really have to dip my brush multiple times and apply several layers for it to show up decently on the skin.


The blush definitely shows up on the skin better than it swatches but it is still a really sheer blush. It’s a really natural shade that gives a very subtle flush of colour. I’m assuming that since heavy and bright blushes aren’t as popular in Korea, this shade in particular is one that suits the subtle blush trend. As I said, I will still use it but I would not recommend this shade in particular. I would definitely still love to try other shades in the collection because I have high hopes that the entire collection can’t all have the same pigmentation!


♡ Packaging is so adorable

♡ Great colour range

♡ Very affordable


♡ Not very pigmented at all



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