Review: Missha The Style Silky Shadow Duo in 08 Rose Tree and 13 Natural Heaven

Today’s review is on Missha’s The Style Silky Shadow Duos. They come in a small black pan inside a plastic container. This is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of these eyeshadows. The packaging just seems a bit tacky to me! =( I think the purpose is so you can depot them and put them in a separate palette but for someone like me, I am too lazy to go through that struggle. I was also expecting that they could at least stack up together somehow but they don’t so it’s hard for me to store them neatly. The packaging is also all in Korean so I had to use Google to translate the shade names! =P



The eyeshadow range is really limited, with a strong focus on neutrals and basics. In fact, a lot of the colours look the same. Even in my pictures, you can barely see a difference. 08 Rose Tree has a pale pink and a medium golden-brown shade, and 13 Natural Heaven has a pale yellow toned brown and a medium purple taupe shade. When swatched on the hands, 08 seems to have greater pigmentation but it is actually in fact harder to blend and apply on the eyes in comparison to 13. Surprisingly, the eyeshadows are soft to the touch and swatch sheer but are both very buildable. I don’t think they are anything spectacular because you need to apply multiple layers for it to show up and it is very powdery, especially when you use softer fluffy brushes.


Applied 13 Natural Heaven for a very basic and natural eye look

I don’t absolutely dislike these eyeshadow duos, they are quite decent for the price and I have no major issues with creasing but they are just so small and in dull packaging that I forget I have them! I feel that they are definitely not a must-have and you can skip out on them. There are a lot of better quality eyeshadows with better pigmentation out there in the Korean beauty market!


♡ Very compact so it is easily portable

♡ Sheer but buildable pigmentation

♡ Affordable


♡ Powdery

♡ Need multiple layers to get decent colour pay off

♡ Packaging is quite boring and cheap looking =(


8 thoughts on “Review: Missha The Style Silky Shadow Duo in 08 Rose Tree and 13 Natural Heaven

  1. janandjot says:

    You still made them work great for a natural eye! I agree the plastic is a huge turnoff because I am lazy just like you 😦 I rarely depot and if I do it is because the actual packaging broke. Have a great weekend Jen xoxoxo Janet

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