Review: Innisfree Longwear Cushion in #23 True Beige

After I saw Pony (from Pony’s Beauty Diary) use this cushion BB cream, I knew I had to get it. Pony is a really famous makeup artist from Korea and she makes great YouTube videos. She is so flawless and her makeup skills are beyond amazing. Go check her out, you’ll definitely enjoy it!

Cushion BB creams are one of the newer form of base products where the liquid/cream is kept under a spongy surface and requires pressure for it to be pushed out. A specially made makeup sponge is used to pick up product so that it can be patted all over the face. There are two cushions by Innisfree, a longwear and a waterglow one. Depending on your skin type and personal preference, you can choose whichever one is more suitable for you. I have oily skin especially in the warmer months so I opted for the longwear cushion. The longwear cushion also offers SPF 50 PA +++, which is really amazing because it is really important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. There are 3 shades available, and since BB creams tend to run light I picked up the darkest in #23 True Beige.


Please excuse the state of the sponge, it shows how frustrated I got trying to get product out. ><


I purchased this last year and was excited to test it out. What disappointed me was that it was really hard for me to get product out as I said before. Although BB cushions are supposed to be a fast alternative to achieve a flawless base, it took way longer than anticipated. I may have picked up a dud or got sent one that was from an older batch but I felt as though there was barely any product inside. It took longer and longer each time I wanted to use the cushion.


From my personal experience, I need at least 2 thin layers to achieve medium coverage. The first layer evens the skin quite well but is a bit patchy. The second layer provides a little more coverage. However, my darker acne scarring spots are still visible as you can see in the application picture. It leaves the skin looking semi-matte, which is ideal for oily girls like me! I found that this BB cushion isn’t great for touch-ups. It tends to highlight oily areas and forms patches, emphasising pores and making the skin look uneven. If you have fairly clear skin already, you may like this cushion BB cream but if you have acne prone skin then you may want something that offers higher coverage or you may want to use concealer on top of certain areas that don’t get completely covered up. I think my skin looks nice in the photo above but when I look close-up into the mirror, I can definitely see that my pores look more prominent than they were from the start.

What I was really impressed by was how well it prevented my face becoming oily. Most foundations/BB creams fail to keep my face matte for the whole day but this cushion BB managed to do so and this was the major plus for this product!


♡ Controls oiliness/sebum well

♡ Brightens the skin

♡ Compact packaging

♡ Medium coverage

♡ Long lasting

♡ Great sun protection


♡ Accentuates pores

♡ Hard to get product out

♡ Does not look good when used for touch ups


25 thoughts on “Review: Innisfree Longwear Cushion in #23 True Beige

  1. janandjot says:

    That stinks that it didn’t live up to what you hoped 😦 I know I always hate when that happens. The SPF 50 sounds really nice and the concept is great maybe it was a bad batch one, can you return it or exchange?

    Liked by 1 person

      • Jee & Soo says:

        I hope I could get my hands on it when I go to Korea this summer. No Sebum powder is amazing! It’s great at controlling oil 🙂 It’s my all time favorite and I have gone through 3 pacts of it!


  2. Whitney says:

    Hm, I want to try this, too! I haven’t tried a lot of Innisfree products in general, but I see it everywhere. 😦 I tried the Laneige BB Cushion before and really liked it, but it’s very moisturizing, so it might show up as more oily on you. :/

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    • Dorkchops says:

      I hope you like it! There’s also a Water Glow one if you’re into the dewy look! 🙂 Yes, I’ve heard quite a lot about the Laneige one and I’ve heard it’s good! I might try it next because I’m still curious about the whole cushion thing hehe. ❤ Thank you though! I hope that when I get the chance to try it I'm not an oil slick. o_o

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  3. apricotowl says:

    I love Pony too :)!

    Hmm it sounds like there was something wrong with your cushion? When I first opened my Long Wear Cushion, it was filled with product. After a while it does get harder to get product out. Tip: Pull out the cushion, flip it over and put it back in, the BB cream tends to collect on the bottom.

    Hmm it actually applied very evenly for me. It usually helps to take a small amount on the sponge and pat pat pat quickly over the skin (like Pony). If we wipe it on like a normal foundation, it will not apply smoothly. Could that be the problem? 🙂

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