Review: Aritaum Honey Melting Tints in Raspberry Cake & Bitter Rose

Haven’t we heard so much about Aritaum’s Honey Melting Tints already? They have become one of the most popular lip tints because of their unique formula. They have a thick consistency and apply like a lipstick but are very moisturising and have amazing pigmentation. Unlike other lip tints, Aritaum’s Honey Melting Tints are a lot thicker and creamier. They have a wide selection of colours, are beautifully scented and are also very affordable!


All of these lip tints come in a twist off plastic container with the colour of the container being the same as the lip tint, and the shade name printed on the side. I really adore this simple yet chic packaging. If you choose to purchase several shades, you can easily pick out which shade you want to use when you store them!


Bitter Rose is a muted natural pinky brown shade whereas Raspberry Cake is a bright pinkish red shade. In my opinion, Bitter Rose is a perfect Kylie Jenner shade. The lip tints can be sheered out for a natural look or be built up in intensity to enhance the colour and vividness. They are really creamy though so you do have to be careful not to store them in really warm or hot areas because they melt! Also I do have to say that it is necessary to apply lip balm if you have any dry patches. Because the Honey Melting Tints are very thick, they tend to accentuate these areas if you apply them straight onto the lips. I’m not sure about the rest of the collection, but both of the shades I own smell strongly of roses and is quite pleasant. If you do not like the scent, you won’t be bothered by it because it doesn’t linger anyway. =) Overall, I highly recommend this lip tint range. I completely understand why they are so popular!


Left: Bitter Rose; Right: Raspberry Cake


♡ Inexpensive

♡ Moisturising and hydrating on the lips

♡ Wide colour selection

♡ Can be built up in intensity

♡ Decent lasting power (leaves a slight tint after eating/drinking)

♡ Smells heavenly

♡ Cute packaging


♡ Can accentuate dry lips


28 thoughts on “Review: Aritaum Honey Melting Tints in Raspberry Cake & Bitter Rose

    • Dorkchops says:

      Thanks Yuri, although I couldn’t take nice photos because it was during night time haha! 😦 But you really do! They’re so popular at the moment and they’re really great! 🙂


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