Review: Missha Tinted Jelly Lips in Happy Pink, Fresh Mango & Swan Pink

I have the biggest obsession with Korean lip products. They’re just so affordable and they have so many to choose from. There are 5 shades in Missha’s Tinted Jelly Lips range and today I will be reviewing 3 of them. Happy Pink is a vibrant raspberry pink-red colour, Fresh Mango is a bright medium orange colour and Swan Pink is a cool-toned pale pink colour. The other 2 shades are Pure Red and Sunny Coral.


The packaging is quite unique. The product comes in a squeeze tube with a brush tip applicator. Normally you find products that are either in a squeeze tube or in a plastic tube and an applicator, but Missha combined both of these into one! It is a little difficult to figure out how much pressure you need to apply at first to get the product and in the first few tries, I had to press quite hard to get any product out at all. I still have trouble getting product out sometimes so I do not really like the packaging much. The brush is nice though, it makes it really easy to apply product evenly and allows you to line your lips perfectly.


The product really does make your lips look like jelly, which I quite like! It makes your lips look so moisturised and pouty. It has a glossy consistency, which is different to other standard lip tints that are more watery. Because it is a shiny gloss, it wears off after about an hour without eating/drinking and leaves behind a nicely pigmented tinted sheen. At this point, it does feel a little bit tacky on the lips. After eating and drinking, there is not much of a stain with Swan Pink and Fresh Mango but Happy Pink leaves behind a nice pink stain. Even after I had a shower, I still had a bright pink stain on my lips! This is common for brighter/darker lip tints though and not as common in lighter colours so if you do pick up the lighter shades, you might have to reapply.


The gloss disappears but the colour is still vivid

The only thing that really lets me down is the packaging. It’s tedious to have to squeeze out the product when it doesn’t always cooperate so it can take quite a long time to get the right amount out.


♡ Moisturising on the lips

♡ Makes the lips look pouty and pretty

♡ Applies evenly and lines lips perfectly

♡ Stains relatively well

♡ Inexpensive


♡ Packaging – hard to squeeze product out sometimes

♡ Limited colour range



27 thoughts on “Review: Missha Tinted Jelly Lips in Happy Pink, Fresh Mango & Swan Pink

  1. janandjot says:

    Yeah it does seem slightly annoying to have to deal with the squeezing out part and having to press hard but these look really nice on you 🙂 I think Happy Pink is my favorite but I am partial to all pinks lol ❤ xoxo Janet


    • Dorkchops says:

      Yes, you should totally check out Korean products! 😀 They’re very affordable! You should look into other lip products too, they’re all quite popular! 🙂 And yes I have! I love Skinfood! 😀 I’m planning on placing another order soon for more skincare products. I’ve had nothing but great experience with their stuff! Do you have any particular recommendations?


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