Review: 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Cream Blusher in Baby Peach

I’m back with another review on a 3CE product except this time it’s on the cream blusher in the shade Baby Peach. As with all their other products, they have a wide selection of blushes to choose from. Within the cream blush range, they also have shades Soft Orange, Coral and New Pink but I would have to say that they all appear to be quite bold colours.

The cream blush comes in a soft squeeze tube with a fairly small opening so that you won’t squeeze out too much product because a little goes a long way. I really like this because it means you don’t transfer any bacteria by dipping any brushes into it. You just squeeze out as much as you need and you’re good to go, the rest of the product is untouched! However, a word of warning – after I took this overseas and came back, I think the air pressure affected it so now the product oozes out as soon as I open it and it’s become a bit messy but I really don’t think you will have any issues if it’s just kept in your makeup drawer or wherever you store your makeup!


It is quite inexpensive at $14USD for the amount of product you get.


The blush is highly pigmented, almost like paint so a little goes a long way. You need the smallest amount for both cheeks. It’s hassle free because you can just use your fingers to apply without the need for a brush. It is a beautiful peach colour but it’s definitely not pastel so I think the name ‘Baby Peach’ is a little deceiving. It’s more of a muted down bright peach. If you have drier skin, you should make sure your skin is decently moisturised because close-up, you can see that it accentuates those areas.


(Please excuse the background, sweaty looking face and the gym gear! ><)


♡ Highly pigmented

♡ Blends out nicely and easily

♡ Lasts all day

♡ Creamy and silky (as it claims!)

♡ Large amount of product (20g)

♡ Hygienic


♡ Limited colour range

♡ Can sometimes take out too much product

♡ Can accentuate dry patches/areas



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