Review: Skinfood Choco Smoky Eye Palette #2 Warm Brown Chocolate

I LOVE Skinfood! They make really awesome skincare products but I’m also curious about the makeup they produce also. Today I’m going to review the Choco Smoky Eye Palette in #2 Warm Brown Chocolate! It contains 3 eyeshadows and 1 gel eyeliner. This is a palette I got in my 2012 Korea trip and it is one that I enjoy the look of on my eyes but I don’t reach for it that often because I try other things and I forget that I have it haha.

The palette really does have a slight chocolate scent but it is not like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. It is not as strong but it still does smell quite nice. It’s not something you will smell throughout the day though so it is kind of a gimmicky product where people will want to try it just because it is unique and different.


The palette comes in a compact, dark brown case with a mirror inside. At the back, there is a diagram showing how beginners can use the different colours if needed. It also comes with a small double-ended brush and it is useable but I definitely prefer to use my own brushes. It may not be extremely clear but the eyeshadows seem quite fragile and in my personal palette, the first two shades appear to have formed little clumps and this is something that has only happened to my cheaper palettes.


Left to right: as follows in the palette

The pigmentation of these eyeshadows are not poor. They apply nicely on the eyes as they do swatched but it is nothing spectacular. The eyeliner is not bad either – I have had this palette for around 2 years now and it has not dried out. I feel that this is not a must-have palette but it is convenient for travelling because it has a gel eyeliner inside so you wouldn’t have to pack a lot of different products when this already has basic eyeshadow colours and a decent performing eyeliner all in one.

#1 is a shimmery champagne-beige colour

#2 is a medium taupe colour

#3 is a deeper golden brown colour

#4 is a deep dark brown gel eyeliner


Shade #1 applied all over the lids towards the brow bone; shade #2 all over the lids; shade #3 in the outer corners; slightly winged out liner 

The colours in this palette are quite basic. They are easily dupable and I feel that a lot of people already have similar colours in their makeup collection. However for beginners and just people who enjoy collecting makeup, I feel that this is still a nice palette to have. If you do not like full-on shimmery eye makeup looks then you will have to incorporate other eyeshadows into your makeup look so this may be inconvenient for some.


♡ Convenient

♡ Slight chocolate scent (yum!)

♡ Decently pigmented eyeshadows

♡ Versatile, basic colours


♡ Fragile

♡ Eyeshadows have small clumps inside the palette

♡ Not mind-blowing

♡ Expensive

♡ No matte shades



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