Review: Too Cool For School Bling Bling Pearl Powder

This is my second review on a TCFS product, but it’s on something a bit more different. The Bling Bling Pearl Powder is a loose glitter eyeshadow. To be honest, I can’t quite remember if there are other shades but this one in particular is a beautiful iridescent silver glitter. It is a very fine grade glitter so it will not cause any eye irritations.

The product comes in a jar container and has a small opening to avoid any mess that is really unavoidable when it comes to working with loose eyeshadow.


Small opening to prevent major spillages

The glitter is very buildable. It can be sheer for daytime and builded up to be more glam for nighttime looks. It is a really versatile product. I can amplify a simple, plain eyeshadow look into something more glam by applying a light dusting over my eyelids or I can pack it on for a great party look. I love it! ^^


Sheer application to lift up my originally very matte eye makeup look for the daytime


♡ Finely milled glitter dust

♡ Mess-free

♡ Suitable for everyone

♡ Buildable (can be great for both daytime and nighttime)

♡ Has a lot of product (will last a long time!)


♡ The small opening makes it difficult to get the glitter out sometimes



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