Review: Too Cool For School Eyeliners – 1 Day Tattoo Waterproof & Like A Model Color Pencil

Too Cool For School (TCFS) is a really trendy and chic makeup brand. When I walked into the store a few years ago, I was really surprised to see how cool (hehe) all the products looked and I wanted to try everything out. So today I will be reviewing two of the eyeliners from TCFS. One is from the 1 Day Tattoo Waterproof line (in pink-brown) and the other from the Like A Model Color Pencil line (in gold).


Top: 1 Day Waterproof liner (pink-brown); Bottom: Like A Model Color Pencil (gold)

I absolutely adore the packaging of these liners. They are retractable so it is really easy to just twist up as much product as you need. Also having the band of colour at the bottom makes it really easy to find the eyeliner you need. When you twist this part off, there is also a nifty sharpener so you can make the tip of the eyeliner crisp and sharp again for precision!

The good thing about both of these eyeliners is that they are both highly pigmented. As you can see in the swatches, they build up to have great colour pay off. However, I really had to swatch hard and many times to get to this opacity and I find that this is the same when I apply it on my eyes. The heart swatches (lighter swatches) is not bad but it is very so-so in my opinion. The gold is really pretty on the waterline but I found it difficult for the brown to apply nicely. I could barely see it at all even after going over my waterline several times.

The good thing about the tattoo eyeliner is that it really is smudge proof. I smudged the swatches on my hand fairly hard and the brown eyeliner barely budged but the gold one completely rubbed off (especially in the heart swatches, which were lighter swatches than the ones below them).


Top: light swatches; Bottom: multiple swatches for full colour pay-off

The advantages in the tattoo eyeliner are the disadvantages for the colour pencil (and vice versa). The brown pencil is smudge proof but the gold one isn’t; and the gold pencil is creamier than the brown one. I decided to try the brown eyeliner on my upper lash line because it wasn’t working out well in my waterline and I found that it was too hard, and it actually started to hurt my eyelids because I had to push hard for it to show decent pigmentation. This really disappointed me. =( I definitely will be resorting to using other eyeliners and I have to say that unfortunately, I do not recommend these eyeliners especially the brown one. The gold one is still quite lovely on the waterline but it does not last the whole day. By the end of the day, I end up having a gold line close to my lower lashes and no colour on my water line (it kind of shifts downwards).


♡ Highly pigmented (both, but only on the hand swatches =/)

♡ Very smudge proof (pink-brown)

♡ Cute packaging

♡ Pretty colours


♡ Not creamy (pink-brown)

♡ Not long-lasting (gold)

♡ Hard to apply

♡ Hurts eyelids when applying on upper lash line!

♡ Not easy accessible

♡ Quite expensive



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